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Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops

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The Alabama Cooperative Extension System, in partnership with Autauga Missionary Baptist District Association and Autauga County Commission, hosted Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Prattville. Adults from area rural churches attended one-hour weekly sessions. Each workshop offered basic nutrition, hands-on learning, and cooking demonstrations to promote healthy changes in diet. These workshops taught participants how small changes in diet (reducing sugar, salt, fats, and calories) combined with adequate physical activity add up to improved health.

The science-based advice on the Dietary Guidelines and Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans can help people make food choices that promote good health, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent disease. Limited health literacy is associated with poorer health outcomes and higher health costs.¹ Health literacy education can empower adults to make wise nutritional choices. Accurate information and guidance can help people to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to make healthy, nutritionally sound choices that lead to a better quality of life.

As a result of twenty-two Autauga County residents attending Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops, fourteen participants agreed to change their eating habits by increasing fruits and vegetables, modifying recipes to make them healthier, planning their meals ahead of time and being more active.

¹Department of Health & Human Services, Literacy and Health Outcomes, 2004

Fall Landowner Tour

Fall Landowner Tour

The Fall Landowner Tour promotes good stewardship of Autauga County’s natural resources. The tour offered more than 90 landowners, natural resources professionals and other interested Autauga county residents, an opportunity to spend the day on Dr. Jones’ property to learn about how Dr. Jones actively manages the following: warm season grasses, forestry thinning, herbicide usage, prescribed burning, mulching, and Quail habitat management. Special “Thanks” to the Autauga Forestry, Wildlife, and Stewardship Council and tour sponsors.

Farm Safety Day & Farm City Week Kids Tour

Picture5Communities nationwide — including Autauga County — celebrate and spread agricultural awareness during Progressive Agriculture Safety Day and Farm City Week , which focuses on connecting rural and urban residents, promoting safety, and reducing injuries and/or fatalities on farms.

This year, 1,325 Autauga County public, private, and home schooled students participated in hands-on activities that included: live animals and exhibits, farm and home related activities such as chemical safety, roadway safety, hidden hazards, helmet safety, disability awareness, home alone, internet safety, fire safety, and Think Your Drink– which focused on thinking about beverage choices. Special “Thanks” to the Autauga County Commission for support of this Community Resource Development program.

Basic Computer Usage & Social Networking Workshops for Seniors



The Basic Computer Usage and Social Networking Workshops offer senior Autauga County residents an opportunity to learn some of the basics for using computers including: Internet search tutorials, using e-mail, and safely navigating social networking sites.

If you are one of our growing number of mature adults over 50,  60 , 70, or in retirement, why not try our free hands – on workshops now?  Whether you’re retired, or an adult learning for the home or workplace, our workshops will take your social, personal, family, or career to the next level.  Call 361.7273 or visit our Calendar of Events to find the next workshop location and dates.image (5)

Community Resource Development program, “Yellow Dot”

Yellow Dot Autauga County - Bus Drivers Enrollment4 (2)

150 of Autauga County School System’s bus drivers signed up for Yellow Dot, a free program providing potentially life-saving information to first responders in the event of a vehicle crash.

Drivers’ photographs were taken and they completed personal forms with emergency contact and medical information. A Yellow Dot decal is placed on the back, bottom-left, window of each school bus, and a packet of medical information is placed behind each driver’s seat.

Ms. Lora Weaver, Yellow Dot coordinator for the State of Alabama, thanked County Extension  Coordinator Yvonne Bowens-Thomas for her work getting the Autauga County School System to embrace the program.  “Because of your efforts, we may begin seeing Yellow Dots on all school buses throughout the state”, Ms. Weaver stated.    Special “Thanks” to the Autauga County Commission for support of this Community Resource Development program.

For more information on the Yellow Dot Program go to:  www.facebook.com/AlabamaYellowDot.


Hands-On Demonstrations for Healthy Snacks and Meals


The Autauga County Extension Office Urban SNAP Education Program taught future Autauga County Habitat for Humanity homeowners about Dietary Guidelines for Americans, cost saving techniques when shopping, menu planning, and preparing quick and delicious meals.

pastaThe Urban SNAP-Ed Program is implemented through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Programs unit at Alabama A & M University. The program is co-founded by Extension and the SNAP Division of The Alabama Department of Human Resources under the umbrella of the Food and Nutrition Service, United States Department of Agriculture.

Urban SNAP-Ed Program participants will learn how to:

  • Make wise food choices
  • Plan healthier meals
  • Purchase safe foods
  • Apply food safety skills when purchasing, preparing, cooking, and storing foods
  • Promote good health, wellness, and fitness through nutrition education


Cover Crop Demonstration on the Gaines Farm


A cover crop demonstration plot is being grown on the Gaines Farm in Autauga County to demonstrate how to plant into heavy residue.  This demonstration plot also shows the benefits of high residue cover crops such as weed control and moisture retention.   Cover crops offer many benefits to the soil.  Organic matter is increased by cover crops and soil erosion is decreased.

Our goal is to grow this rye cover crop 5 feet tall and then roll the cover crop.  After the cover crop is rolled cotton will be planted.

4-H is for youth and 4-H is fun!

4-H is Fun!

Youth of Autauga – 4-H has something for you! Through 4-H and the opportunities it provides, members participate in many events an activities, travel the country, and make new friends. 4-H offers programs that fit the needs of youth in a variety of settings: in-school, after school, community clubs, and enrichment for special events. Here are just a few of the many exciting projects 4-H members enjoy in Autauga County:

  • 4-H members are currently monitoring water quality in Prattville at an area stream.
  • 4-H members are learning about horticulture by gardening in Autaugaville.
  • Members are competing in the “Autauga County 4-H Competitive Events Day” (a contest to showcase skills in areas ranging from storytelling to interior design)
  • Members are attending 4-H Camp which features swimming, archery and a climbing wall
  • Autauga County 4-H members are learning and competing in poultry, livestock and horse events

Our members know the importance of giving back to Autauga County. They do projects to enrich the community and volunteer their time at
places like the Prattville/Autauga Humane Society. This year, Autauga County 4-H members are participating in two new and exciting programs – Chick Chain and Archery.