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New Lunch and Learn Location for 2018!

To accommodate growing attendance numbers, the Autauga County Master Gardeners Association Lunch & Learn program is being moved to a new location!

Portrait of mid-adult woman proudly showing her plants

On the first Thursday of every month, the 2018 Lunch & Learn programs will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church, 610 Fairview Avenue, Prattville, AL 36066, 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. These free programs  are open to the public. Registration is not required.  Click here for a printable version of the 2018 Lunch & Learn Schedule2018 ACMGALL Full Page Flyer

Participants are encouraged to bring a sack lunch to enjoy as they learn about such topics as: shade loving plants, growing citrus trees in containers, drought tolerant plants for the South, and much more. The first meeting of 2018 will be held on January 4th, and the topic is “Gardening 101”.

Please view the attached schedule for meeting topics and speakers, or you may contact the Autauga County Extension Office at 334.361.7273 for more information.

July Crop Report-Crops Tour


Soybean field ripening at spring season, agricultural landscape. Sunset
Soybean field ripening at spring season, agricultural landscape. Sunset

Contributed by: Regional Extension Agent Christy Hicks

Regional Extension Agent Christy Hicks is busy preparing for the July Crop Tour. Before you head out to it, read Christy’s latest Crop Report for July 2017.

Click here to Read Christy’s July 2017 Crop Report

Central Alabama Crops Tour

Click Here for Crop Tour Directions

July 27, 2017

8:00 AM       Arrive at the Ingram Farm and Welcome from Jeff Clary

8:15 AM       Ingram Farm AU Cotton Variety Trial

  • Trey Cutts – Cotton Variety Updates
  • Ron Smith – Cotton Insect Control and Thresholds

Cross Road to AU Peanut Variety Trial

  • Kris Balkcom – Peanut Variety Performance
  • Austin Hagan – Peanut Diseases

  9:20 AM     Depart for Milstead Gin

10:00 AM     Arrive at Milstead Gin

  • Kathy Flanders – Wheat Insect Update
  • Brenda Ortiz – New Moisture Sensor Technologies

Planter Considerations for 2018 Planting

  • Brett Ennis & Taylor Bridges (SunSouth) – Planter Test Stand
  • Josh Carnley (Vantage-South) – DeltaForce Down Pressure

Weed Control – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  • Steve Li – Extension Weed Specialist

11:40 AM     Depart for EV Smith Conference Center

12:00 PM     Sponsored Lunch at EV Smith Conference Center



For more information about this event, please contact Regional Extension Agent Christy Hicks at  334-704-3370

Canning Class- Food Safety Is Important

Regional Extension Agent, Janice Hall, who specializeds in the area of Food Quality and Safety with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System recently held a canning class in Autaugaville.


During the June 9th workshop at the Autuaga County Extension Office in Autaugaville, Dozens of participants received information on ways to safely can fruit and vegetables. Hall stressed to participants that being careful when canning is paramount.

“Food safety practices should be followed when canning fruits and vegetables. If the proper methods are NOT followed, someone could possibly become ill or worse. The Autauga County canning workshop was designed to teach people the safe way of preserving a bountiful harvest they may have grown or purchased. A delicious triple berry jam (raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry) was prepared and properly canned during a hands on demonstration. The leftovers were spread over some hot biscuits and sampled by the participants”, Hall said.







Cake Decorating with Fondant

cakes decorated with fondant icing

On the morning of June 30,2016, Regional Extension Agent Janice Hall meticulously cleaned and lined the tables of the auditorium in preparation for her upcoming class.  Hall was preparing for her Cake Decorating – Learn to Earn Workshop which offered an exciting twist – decorating with Fondant.

cake decorating 3

” Fondant is a fun decorating tool for cake design.  It is a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavored or colored and is used in candy and cake decorations”, Hall said.

During the course on June 30,2016, participants learned what materials and ingredients to use, how to make their own fondant, and how to delicately layer their creations on a cake.

The learning atmosphere was fun and relaxed with Hall walking from table to table encouraging participants.   Autauga County CEC Darrue Sharpe, who decorated her own star-spangled cake, was a part of the fun.                                                                                                              cake decorating 21

“Janice’s class represents what we hope our Autauga County residents will glean from Extension, and that is a sense of accomplishment by learning to create based on research based teaching from our trained Regional Extension Agents.  Plus, this is just plain fun!,” Sharpe said.

One of the participants chose to celebrate her birthday learning to decorate with fondant. The results of the Cake Decorating- Learn to Earn Workshop were wonderful!

cake decorating 6cake decorating7Cake Decorating, birthday girlFullSizeRender (003)

Local Residents Learn the Art of Canning

Participants listen to Regional Extension Agent Janice Hall during Canning Workshop

Contributed by:  Regional Extension Agent,Janice Hall

(Autaugaville, AL)  The Autauga County Extension Office held a 2 hour workshop on canning on June 21, 2016 at the Autauga County Extension Office.

Residents from around the River Region learned about food safety while canning high-acidic foods (water-bath canning) and canning low-acidic foods (pressure canning).  They also received information on pickling, freezing, and drying foods.

Regional Extension Agent Janice Hall conducted the interactive class and told participants that being careful is key to food preparation.

“Food safety was an important part of the workshop, so proper canning equipment usage was demonstrated.  Participants reported to us that they were once afraid of pressure canning, but after attending our workshops, they felt more at ease with the process”, Hall emphasized.

Participants were shown some of the different products needed for canning, received a demonstration on using the latest canning equipment, received a Food Preservation Cookbook and sampled a product prepared during the class.

If you are interested in learning more about food preservation, please call the Autauga County Extension office at 334-361-7273.



Thank You! Caregivers Conference 2015

Speaker at Caregivers 26

A heartfelt “Thank You” for your contributions to the 2015 Caregivers Conference on Thursday, November 12, 2015.

2015 Sponsors and ContributorsParticipants of the 2015 Caregivers Conference spent a day learning about support opportunities for caregivers, ways to avoid fraud, steps to keeping healthy, and about opportunities for personal growth.   Urban Regional Extension Agent Danielle Rudolph, who specializes in Family & Child Development with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES), chaired this event.   Leading sponsors of this event included:  Cigna HealthSpring, Central Alabama Aging Consortium, Ariel Home Medical, Addus Healthcare, South Central Alabama Development Commission, Alabama Lifespan Respite, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

We will have details in the December issue of the Autauga County Extension Newsletter.


Autauga County Commission Chairman Carl Johnson greets participants at the beginning of the 2015 Caregivers Conference, November 12, 2015 at First Baptist Church, Prattville, Alabama.

caregivers 9


Participants hear from presenters including:  Danielle Rudloph, ACES; Katrina Mitchell, Interim Autauga County Extension Coordinator;  Dr. Paul Brown, author and family caregiver; Metara Austin, ACES; Bill Hawkins, Alabama AARP;David Rose, ACES Autauga Co.; Rev. David Burns, First Baptist Church of Prattville; Dr. Jatnn Gibson, ACES-Auburn University; Brittany Lively, Alabama Lifespan Respite; and Dawne Summeford, First Baptist Church of Prattville.

Caregivers 11


Caregivers 21

caregivers 7

AUM Nursing students provided free medical screenings.

(Below) Fun Time Band provides musical entertainment!

Caregivers 25