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Relationship Smarts+ Classes

Marbury 5.2016

Contributed by: Regional Extension Agent, Sallie Lide-Hooker

Groups of Autauga County students recently completed a round of classes  aimed at helping teens negotiate relationships.

Regional Extension Agent Sallie Lide-Hooker taught the Relationship Smarts+ curriculum March, April and May of 2016. This is a part of the Alabama Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Incentive, or “AHMREI”.

The project is funded by a three year grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Family Assistance. These educational programs for youth are focused on enhancing knowledge and promoting the skills identified in research as key components of healthy relationships and stable marital relationships.

The curriculum embodies an innovative approach that addresses positive youth development, life skills, healthy relationships, dating violence, and pregnancy prevention. It builds assets and strengthens protective factors by appealing to teenagers’ aspirations, rather than merely pointing out what they must avoid. It shares what a healthy relationship is and what it isn’t.

Teens learned that healthy relationships begin with the individual – they were guided to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses and to understand how the past affects the present. They were guided in determining how to select partners wisely. They were also exposed to the “red flags” in relationships. They also learned how to deal with breakups in order to move forward.

For more information about Relationship Smarts, please contact Regional Extension Agent, Sallie Lide-Hooker at the Autauga County Extension Office at 334.361.7273.

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