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Alabama 4-H Ambassadors

4-H Ambassadors

The following information pertains to how to become an Alabama 4-H Ambassador. Our 4-H Ambassadors are our state’s 4-H youth representatives. They exemplify all of the 4-H core values, and they strive to learn how to be better every day. They are also our youth leadership for the state 4-H program. Please consider applying to become a 4-H Ambassador!

• Must be enrolled 4-H member through 4HOnline
• Must be at least 15 years old by January 1, 2017 of the starting term year
• Be a high school sophomore, junior, or senior
• Must have completed at least one full club year as an active 4-H member
• Must have participated and demonstrated leadership in a variety of youth development activities
• Must demonstrate commitment to community service and volunteerism
• Must have experience in planning and delivering events and activities
• Must demonstrate ability to work as a team member and individually with both youth and adults
• Have diverse knowledge of the total Alabama 4-H Youth Development Program

• Opportunity to further develop leadership, communication, and organizational skills
• Gain experience in planning, implementing, and participating in statewide educational,
leadership, and service-related programs
• Greater understanding of the 4-H Youth Development Program
• Being able to represent 4-H and Alabama as a 4-H Ambassador Delegate

• Supporting the mission and vision of Alabama 4-H
• Supporting various local, county, regional, and statewide programs and activities, including
public presentations, leadership development opportunities, and community service
• Assisting with an innovative and high-profile Ambassador Community Service Project
• Providing leadership for Midwinter Teen Leadership Retreat, Alabama 4-H State Competitive Events
Day, and other 4-H events as assigned; the Ambassador president will have additional meeting

Interview dates will be on June 27 and 28.
• Only an application through 4-HOnline of sufficient quality will merit an invitation to
Be aware of the high commitment and standards that come with being an Alabama 4-H Ambassador. As a 4-H Ambassador, you are the face of Alabama 4-H at all times. You must demonstrate high ethical
standards. Below are the mandatory meeting dates:
*Note that you may be asked to participate in other state, county, or regional events that are not
• Ambassador planning meeting July 25 and 26 at the Alabama 4-H Center
• State 4-H Competitive Event Day July 27 at the Alabama 4-H Center
• Midwinter planning meeting January 5 and 6 at Auburn University
• Midwinter preparation meeting February 8 at the Alabama 4-H Center
• Midwinter Retreat February 9 through 11 at the Alabama 4-H Center

For more information, contact Heather LeGrand, 4-H FREA at the Baldwin County Extension Office by calling 251-937-7176 or email hll0004@aces.edu.