4-H Horse Club Interest Meeting

4-H Horse Club

4-H Horse Club Interest Meeting:

When: November 5th at 3:30 pm

Where: Foley Horse Arena, Foley, Al

Who: Youth between the ages of 9 to 18 years old. They must be nine as of January 1st, 2017 in order to be eligible.

Description: We will discuss what the club will entail, and give extra information about registration. Liability Waivers must be signed by parents who’s children will be participating in the club.

Youth must be registered in 4-H Online to be a bona-fide 4-H member. Youth not registered may not participate.

For more information, please contact the Baldwin County Extension Office at 251-937-7176. Questions and concerns may be directed to Heather LeGrand, 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent via email at hll0004@aces.edu.

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Alabama 4-H Football Day

4-H Football Day Flyer

4-H Football Day registration is now open on 4-H Online!! Tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis; so don’t wait around, register now! Registration for this event closes on November 7th. 4-H members’ tickets are $20 and family members are $40. Family members must register on 4-H Online as contacts. Price includes lunch, t-shirt, and game ticket. Payment is due before game-day. Families are responsible for their own transportation to Auburn.

For help with registration, please contact the Baldwin County Extension Office at 251-937-7176. Questions or concerns may be directed to Heather LeGrand, the 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent via email: hll0004@aces.edu.

War Eagle Y’all!!

4-H Project: What Wood U Build?


2017 4-H Wood working project has been announced!

Competitive Events takes place every year in 4-H, and here is one of those events you’ll want to start on right now! This year’s wood working project for senior level 4-H’ers is a “Blanket Chest“. Create your own plan or find a plan you like of a blanket chest and start working with wood! This is a great project to show off your creative skills as well as some mad math skills. You’ve gotta get those measurements right, right?

If you are interested in participating in this project for County Competitive Events Day in April, 2017 please let me know.  You will need the rules to complete this project. You may contact the Baldwin County Cooperative Extension Office  at 251-937-7176 or email Heather LeGrand, 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent at hll0004@aces.edu.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by without at least considering it. You may find you have a hidden wood working talent!

Baldwin County 4-H Forestry Club Invitation

pine forest

Attention all 4-H’ers

Inviting all 4-H’ers throughout Baldwin County to join me in a 5 session course to learn about Forestry and related natural resources. Historic Blakeley Park (on Hwy 225) has graciously offered to host these sessions but will need a RSVP by Thursday, 19 May so I can consolidate a list of names for the gate to allow access for the kids and their parents into the park for FREE. The gate attendant will provide directions on how to find the class. We will meet every other Friday at 4 PM and class will run until 5:30 PM each session. Please bring mosquito repellent and bottled water. Closed toe shoes recommended.

We will have fun learning about this important aspect of natural resources, the trees, but more than the trees, the forest and how everything works together to support life in forest ecosystems. Those who are interested can train to participate in the state and national forestry competitions beginning summer of 2017. Classes will alternate with shooting skills every other Friday through 15 July, then break for the summer (and Buckmasters) and return to the forest Sep – Nov for 5 more sessions.

The categories of competition are 1. Tree Identification 6. Forest Evaluation 2. Tree Measurements 7. Insect Identification 3. Compass and Pacing 8. Disease Identification 4. Topographic Map Contest 9. Forestry Written Examination 5. Forestry Bowl

We will take the first class to get familiar with what these things mean as well as starting with some basics, like tree identification and using a compass. We will also cover the principles of prescribed burning and longleaf pine management as time allows in future sessions.

Any parents or kids who have a compass are encouraged to bring it but don’t go purchase one quite yet. The class is FREE. There will be an advantage to purchasing some basic equipment (like a compass) down the road, but for now, we can share. Most cell phones now have a compass which would be a start.

Hope to see you at Historic Blakeley Park!

Dean Trawick
4-H Volunteer
Forester, Baldwin County

4-H Competitive Events, April 14, 2016