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September 2016 County Contest Now Open!

September 2016 county contest is the Photography Contest.  The World I See and The World I Imagine are 2 separate contests and rules can be found by clicking on each contest.  Entries will be due at the October Club Meetings or to the County Extension Office by October 31st at noon.  No late entries will be excepted.  If your not a current member of 4-H…that’s ok!  You can sign up online before you turn your entry in to the office!

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4-H RiverKids Kayak & Fishing Fun Day

13726675_1096165780467441_3913062104837901868_nIn July, Russell and Barbour County 4-H hosted a full day camp to introduce the kayaking program.  We had 10 youth participate from both counties.  Partnering with the Alabama Game and Fish Department, we started the day with a 2 hour paddle trip from the Lake Eufaula Campground.  We came back to a yummy grilled hamburger lunch and healthy desert and healthy drinks .  We had some time after lunch to swim in the campground pool before getting a fishing lesson from out friends at Game & Fish and then heading over to one of the campground’s stocked ponds for some fishing fun.  We had a great time and we can’t wait for next summer’s club!13781904_834126496723285_3270309874382701320_n


4-H Summer Cooking School “From Field to Table”

Russell and Barbour County 4-H is teaming up with Georgia 4-H to provide a Summer Cooking School.  Come learn where your food comes from and how to prepare fun and delicious recipes. From chicken and eggs to veggies and fruit, 4-H members will have a great time cooking, tasting, and learning!

When:  July 19-22, 2016

Time: 12:00 est – 5 pm

Where: Columbus Consolidated Government Annex

Who: 4th, 5th, and 6th graders

Registration Fee: $25

To register or for questions please call 334-983-6845 or 706-653-4200.  To register in person, visit the Columbus 4-H office in the CCG Annex, 420 10th Street Columbus.

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4-H RiverKids Coming Soon!!!

RiverKids Training Group In River

4-H Paddle Sports programs and activities have the combined strengths of Land-Grant research-based education, service, and technical expertise in paddling instruction.

In addition to engaging youth in educational activities, this is also an opportunity to promote and contribute to Alabama’s Ecotourism by: 1) increasing the use of our waterways 2) increasing the knowledge and awareness of environmental and management issues, and 3) the incorporation of service projects.

Our Pilot Program, 4-H RiverKids is aimed to reach both new and existing audiences of Alabama youth, and to strengthen ACES 4-H leadership in educational Outdoor Recreation and Stewardship activities!

Its a great way for our youth to plug into a highly-structured outdoor recreation and natural resources education program, while learning how to become actively engaged citizens and responsible adults by acting as stewards of their environment through service and community involvement.

We believe that this can be accomplished by working in collaboration with the Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT) Organization, 4-H/Alabama Water Watch, and other partnering organizations to engage youth in safe, fun educational outdoor recreation, stewardship, and service programming.


  • Engage diverse youth audiences in hands-on learning opportunities that contribute to Life Skills development
  • Provide the four Essential Elements of Youth Development within a 4-H Club setting
  • Introduce basic paddling techniques, and water safety essentials to youth participants and adult leaders
  • Promote awareness of career opportunities in Natural Resources, Environmental Education and related fields
  • Educate participants about responsible environmental stewardship
  • Deliver technical knowledge to broad audiences related to the ecology and socioeconomics of watershed management and the impact on Alabama waterways
  • Impart the historical significance of Alabama waterways to youth and adult participants, and foster an appreciation for the rich heritage that rivers and streams have played in the colonization of our state and nation
  • Train 4-H Volunteers and Staff to plan and implement paddle sports Clubs and activities within a Positive Youth Development and Risk Management framework
  • Train youth and adult participants to become effective mentors and role models, and provide opportunities for meaningful service projects which will have a measureable impact on the environment and economy
  • Implement programming through 4-H Delivery Modes: Clubs, Enrichment, In-school Clubs, and Camping

For more information, please contact the county office!

Ag Day

ag day

The Barbour County Young Farmers and Barbour County Extension office held the 4th Annual AG Day for the 3rd grade Classrooms throughout the county March 17.

“Barbour County Ag Day has become an event we look forward to each year, “said Allie Corcoran, Barbour County Extension Coordinator, “We want children to understand the impact Agriculture has on their everyday lives and what better way to do that then provide a hands-on experience.”

Over 300 students and volunteers attended the event at the Bill Buchannan Stadium. The students rotated around eleven stations each focusing on an agriculture commodity or subject. The students got to hold baby chickens and learn how they are grown then processed at the Keystone Plant here in Barbour County.

Regional Extension Agents, William Birdsong and Kris Balkcom, representing agronomic crops talked about cotton and peanuts in our area and showed them how cotton is ginned using a small cotton gin model. The Barbour County Foresters, Perry Pritchett and Zach Elk, taught the students about how trees grow and methods they use to promote healthy growth in tree stands. Students learned about horses and the different tackle used to saddle them from 4-H Regional Agent, Geni Dean.

One special demonstration the event hosted this year was a UAV/Drone Demonstration from the Auburn University Department of Biosystems Engineering. The group brought different drone models ranging from small to large and costing between $2,000 to $50,000. They spoke to the group as a whole and discussed the research these drones are doing to help farmers manage crops and lower cost by detecting potential problems in the field from the air before they become a big issue.

“Ag Day is a joint effort among volunteers and the schools. Without their cooperation the event would not succeed. It’s our hope that we have inspired an interest in Agriculture in some of the children, so one day they might choose this industry as a career path and be the ones feeding the world,” said Corcoran.