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Career Countdown – Centreville Middle School

 Bibb County Extension Coordinator Matt Hartzell worked with Economic and Community Development Regional Extension Agent Cynthia Whittaker to deliver the Career Countdown workforce and financial education program to 115 7th graders at Centreville Middle School (CMS) on November 6 and 7.  The program was hosted by 7th CMS Social Sciences Teacher Kalee Vernon.  On Day 1, the students chose a profession to practice for the day. Once they chose their career, students managed a monthly take-home salary in a simulation where they paid bills and grocery shopped using their assigned net salary.  On Day 2, students completed a career and educational plan activity where they identified areas of interest, then career clusters and associated educational options.  The idea is to help students learn about real life expenses, as well as explore career options well in advance of graduation from high school.