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Bibb County Grassroots Survey

Grassroots Survey, Extension

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System wants your help to plan programs that address your county needs.  We value your input and would greatly appreciate your time to complete the Bibb County Extension Grassroots Needs Assessment survey. You may complete the survey online or printed copies of our survey are also available for completion and submission.

Call the Bibb County Extension Office at 205-926-4310 for details.

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June 2015 Newsletter


Our first attempt at CYI designation in Fall 2014 was unsuccessful. But as a result of detailed critical feedback from the 4-H State Office and our ability to improve upon our weaknesses, we applied again in early 2015. We were selected for a designation interview on May 22 and awarded CYI Designation immediately after that interview.

You may ask, exactly what is CYI? It is a special designation to recognize excellence in five areas of Alabama 4-H programming.

These areas of excellence are:

  1. Forming a unified Alabama 4-H team and program;
  2. Utilizing consistent research-based curriculum resources;
  3. Diversifying delivery modes tailored to today’s youth;
  4. Promoting plan-of-work development and teamwork at all levels and
  5. Aligning staff and position assignments to support program resources and delivery modes.

Also in this issue:

  • F.A.W. N.
  • Chick Chain
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Deep South Stocker Con-ference Registration
  • Minding Our Future
  • Cookbooks for Sale

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