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Grassroots Program Assessment Meeting


Bibb County Extension Grassroots Program Assessment Meeting

As a way to stay responsive to local stakeholders, and meet state and federal requirements, the Bibb County Extension Office convenes a local annual meeting involving Extension staff and members of the Bibb County Extension Grassroots Committee.  The main purpose of this meeting is to gather local feedback to develop and prioritize Extension programs in the year ahead.  Grassroots also allows Extension staff and Committee members to get acquainted or re-acquainted, discuss how improve Extension programs and quality of life for clients, and reach more people with programs and information.  A big part of the Wednesday, July 25 Grassroots meeting at the Board of Education in Centreville was a discussion on how reach more people with programs and information through digital media and more traditional means such as printed information, phone calls and face-to-face contact.  The Bibb County Grassroots Committee members are Alesa Judd, Ann Lynch, Bruce Rutledge, Byron Pugh, Cassandra Rutledge, Cynthia Winegard, Elaine Jones, Fred Lynch, Joyce Rice, Michelle Giddens, Pam Cottingham, Romaleta James, Sophia Campos, Valeria Mays and Willie Dunn.