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PLM Workshop

The Bibb County Natural Resources Planning Committee hosted a Professional Log Managers (PLM) seminar for 50 professionals employed in the logging and timber industries on Wednesday, December 13.  The seminar was held at the Sawmeal Restaurant, and it was sponsored by KyKenKee, Inc. and IndusTREE Timber, Inc.   Logging and timber personnel from throughout Alabama—and one from near Jackson, MS—participated to get five (5) continuing education units (CEUs).  CEUs are often required as professional development for industry personnel each calendar year.  Presenters/topics included: Phillip Taggart of the U.S. Forest Service/Logging On Federal Lands;  Mike Caylor of the U.S. Forest Service/Endangered Species On Federal Lands; Ryan Peek of the Alabama Forestry Commission/Timber Removal Best Management Practices; Mitch Kemmer of Kemmer & Kemmer Law/Timber Laws and Related Legal Issues; and Andrew Baril of Alabama Extension/Invasive Plant and Animal Species in Forests.