Upcoming Events

4-H Football Day Scheduled for September 16, 2017

football ticket announcing 4-H football day on September 16, 2017


Alabama 4-H is partnering with the AU College of Ag in conjunction with the  Auburn Ag Round-up at Ag Heritage Park to host 4-H Football Day. The event will be held September 16, 2017 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Registration is open now to the first 500 people and closes September 8th. The cost will be $15 for 4-H members and volunteers and $40 for guests (non members and parents) and includes a game ticket, tee shirt and entry into Ag Round-Up.  Register here: http://www.aces.edu/4-H-youth/AL4-H/events.php


Blount County 4-H Livestock Camp


4-H youth learn about grooming livestock for various types of shows. The 4-H Livestock Camp was a two day event where youth learned about grooming and positioning cattle. They also got to work with hogs and learned to shear lambs for show. Extension agents and local FFA teachers provided training. Fish and Wildlife Camp will be coming up in June 2015.