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Introducing 4-H Yoga!

Introducing 4-H Yoga! Tuesday, July 18th we will have a fun filled day learning Yoga techniques. Yoga is a great way to engage in physical activity because it helps improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Yoga can also improve attention span, relationships, self-esteem, and listening skills. We will also do some fun yoga crafts and each participant will receive their very own yoga mat and a handbook with all of the fun poses to practice 4-H Yoga at home.

 Time: 10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. (Lunch will be provided)

Location: Dalton Moss Lodge at Palisades Park

Registration Fee: $10

You can call the Extension Office, email sbs0003@aces.edu,  download the form below, or just stop by to register for the workshop! It is open to any Blount County Youth age 9-18, not just current 4-H members.

We love 4-H Yoga and we know you will to!

Yoga Registration Form

**Registration Deadline is July 11, 2017**

Reality Check


Reality Check is a financial simulation for youth where they pretend to be young adults with financial responsibilities.

They are assigned a career and a family scenario and visit booths making spending decisions. Some of the comments from participants include: “Appreciate what you have”, “Stay in school and wait about having children”, “Now I know why my mom tells me that we can’t afford things”.