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Blount County 4-H Chick Chain: 2018

4-H Chick Chain Project


The 4-H Chick Chain Project teaches young people about raising backyard chickens. Any Blount County Youth, ages 9-18, can participate.

Cost: $50 (includes the price of the chickens and the required vaccination)

How it works:

  • Applying the “learn by doing” aspect of 4-H, each participant will be responsible for raising his/her own flock
  • You can choose up to TWO of the three breeds listed on the Registration Form (Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp)
  • There will be a Mandatory Training in April for all participants
  • Each participant will receive 10 baby pullets (females) during the first few weeks of May
  • After about 20 weeks, you will bring your best TWO pullets (of the same breed) to the 4-H Chick Chain Show and Auction where they will be judged and auctioned off (this is held on the Saturday of the Blount Co. Fair)
  • Each participant at the show/auction will receive prize money plus the money from the sale of their chickens
  • Your remaining chicks are yours to keep!

For more information about the project or about the breeds, visit the Alabama 4-H Website.

Registration forms and fees are due to the Blount County Extension office by March 2.

Click below for a registration form.

2018 Registration Form

For more information, contact the office 205-274-2129 or email Sara Smith sbs0003@aces.edu