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Funding Opportunities — Grants and Contracts

How is Extension funded?

Each year ACES receives funding from federal, state, and county appropriations, and from contracts and grants. These funds support our efforts to develop and deliver programming and meet stakeholder expectations.

Federal appropriations are funds appropriated to Cooperative Extension from the USDA. Allocations to each institution are based on a formula funding model. Funds allocated to the Auburn campus include Smith-Lever 3B/3C funds, Smith-Lever 3D funds (EFNEP), and Smith-Lever Employee Benefits (Civil Service Retirement). Federal funds allocated to the AAMU campus and other 1890 Extension programs are Section 1444 funds.

State appropriations are funds appropriated to Extension at Auburn and AAMU by the state legislature. Both campuses are displayed as a separate line in the state legislative budget; however, they roll up to their respective universities. The state legislature has two pools of funds available for allocation: the General Fund and the Education Trust Fund. All appropriations for higher education and K-12 schools come from the Education Trust Fund.

County appropriations are those amounts allotted to individual counties from their local governments (most often county commissions). These funds are restricted for use in the county making the allocation.

ACES also receives income from grants, contracts, and agreements. These funds are restricted for use on the identified project. Grants and contracts are increasingly important when federal, state and local appropriations decline.

Grants and Contracts

Training on the responsible conduct of research is a requirement of many federal grants and contracts, including those from USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). If you are included as a participant (not a subject) in an extramurally funded project, you must complete the web-based Responsible Conduct of Research (RSR) training from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) at the University of Miami. Download this document for CITI registration instructions.

Grant Administration provides institutional guidance and resources for completing and managing grant applications and awards. In addition to information about grant administration, you will see links to funding opportunities, required forms, and other relevant information. Review these resources before you develop proposals.

Juanita Winegar (proposals/awards) can answer your grant-related questions.