Your First Month

ACES Online Resources

Our public website ( offers information about Alabama Extension. The site is intended external audiences. It includes information about our educational programs, downloadable resources, and a calendar of events. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the site.

There are thousands of ACES publications available to you and your audiences. In 2013, ACES moved to a print-on-demand system using Office Max. Many of the publications are free of charge. Read details on when to give and when to sell publications. Please also read this information about ordering publications.

Available to external and internal viewers, the Extension Staff Directory is searchable by name, county, department, unit, keyword, and program areas. There are two ways to access the directory from the ACES homepage. Select “Directory” at the top of the page or click on the blue building in the bottom right corner of the page for a shortcut. If you mouse over the tan building in that same portion of the page, you’ll see a shortcut link to the ACES Intranet. This is located next to the copyright information that also contains links to Alabama A&M and Auburn Universities. This footer area of our standard page template also contains links to ACES primary social networking accounts and mobile resources.

The primary link to the ACES Intranet is located by clicking the About ACES tab at the top of the page and you will see the Intranet link on the far right. Our Intranet hosts internal resources for Extension employees and subsequently requires you to log in to access these resources. For example, the information linked above about ordering publications is on the Intranet. Other resources you’ll need throughout the year are also stored within the Intranet. Browse through the site to become familiar with their locations.