Your First Month

Cyber Security

Auburn University has strengthened its commitment to cyber security by ensuring that all faculty and staff are aware of how to protect themselves and valuable data entrusted to them when operating in an online environment, whether at work or at home. Simply stated, information security is critical to the life of the University. Therefore, all employees are required to complete Information Security Awareness training. AAMU-affiliated Extension employees are included in this mandate since they have access to AU networks and data (email, databases, Banner, etc.) The goal of this training is to help you to learn about protecting computer systems, online privacy, and securing confidential information on the Internet.

New employees must complete the training within 30 days following their date of hire. The training consists of 23 video modules and takes a total of about 75 minutes to complete. Each module is a few minutes long and is followed by a one-question quiz.

To access the training, log into AU Access and select the Employee Services tab. Next, click on the SANS Securing the Human icon. Sans Securing the Human iconYou will be directed to the library of training videos. To view each video, select a module and click on the icon. The videos may be viewed in any order.

Once you have completed all 23 modules, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to your certificate from the following address: AU SECURE <>. Your completion will be registered within the training system, so you do not need to send your certificate to your supervisor unless he/she instructs you to do so.