Your Second Month


go to eXtension.orgLaunched in 2007, eXtension is “an interactive learning environment delivering the best, most researched knowledge from the smartest land-grant university minds across America.” This virtual environment fosters multi-state collaboration between Extension educators and specialists. Work is published by communities of practice for communities of interest. In 2013, Alabama was represented by 442 eXtension members in 66 of the 76 approved Communities of Practice.

eXtension also provides services that support local work and your professional development.

Cooperative Extension Search ( is a central portal service that provides you with search access to hundreds of Extension sites.

Ask an Expert (the main site is provides a way for people around the country–and the world–to ask questions any time of the day. Questions are assigned to experts based on location and area of expertise. ACES county web sites include an Ask widget. Questions submitted through these widgets are automatically assigned to someone in the county–usually the Extension administrative assistant, who then reassigns the question to the most appropriate agent.

Learn ( is a calendar for professional development sessions. These sessions are sponsored by the various communities of practice. Through this service, you can view your activity log–what you presented, created, attended, and watched (archived sessions), among other activities. This information can be used to document your professional development.

Campus ( uses Moodle (a learning management system) to house courses developed by communities of practice and others within the Cooperative Extension System. These courses may be open or require a password, and they may be free or charge a fee for access.

Getting Started with eXtension (PDF)