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Funding Opportunities — Extension Development

Marketing and Securing the Gift

1. Soliciting the Gift

The process of asking has four parts:

  • Opening, to establish rapport.
  • Involvement, to bring the subject of the organization into the conversation quickly but not rudely. Answer any questions the prospect might have about the organization and the project.
  • Presentation, to provide a full description of your program and the money needed to make it happen. Be positive and open to questions.
  • Close, to determine the amount of the gift and the method by which that gift will be made. Boldly ask for the gift.

2. Thanking the Donor

After a donation is secured, make sure the donor is thanked within 48 hours of receipt of the gift. You can send a hand written note or a standard form with a personal note of thanks attached. It is never too late to thank a donor. However, a thank you is a must if you intend to secure renewed gifts in the future. A personal phone call from you to the donor is a great idea.

Resource Allocation/ACES Policies

  • Alabama 4-H Foundation Policies Check with Dr. Tommy Elliott, 4-H Foundation Treasurer at 334-844-5536
  • ACES/AU Policies Check with Mrs. Stacey Walker, Director of Financial Services at 334-844-1166
  • ACES/AAMU Policies Check with Dr. Celvia Stovall, Associate Director at 256-372-8648

Other Resources/Links

National 4-H Council Executive Director, Website BoardSource, Chronicle on Higher Education, Chronicle of Philanthropy, LexisNexis, GuideStar, National Database of Charitable Organizations, Network for Good, and Nonprofit Resource Center of Alabama

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