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4-H and Youth in Calhoun County

4H Youth

4H volunteers donated over 2,000 hours of their time (valued over $48,000) and more than 1,600 young people participate in 4H activities each month, such as whitewater kayak trips, Earth Day activities, Shooting Sports (archery & rifle), Horse Clubs, Homeschool Clubs and Camp Cane Creek, which is held each Summer at Cane Creek Community Gardens.


Alabama Master Naturalist Program

egret standing on driftwood in a wetland area

The Alabama Master Naturalist program is a new statewide program whose goal is to help promote awareness, understanding, and respect of Alabama’s natural world among Alabama’s citizens and visitors. In addition, the AMN program will also develop a statewide corps of well-informed volunteers providing education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities.

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SNAP-ED and CHAMPION programs

SNAP-Ed programs and CHAMPION (Community Health Aerobic Motivational Program Initiating Optimal Nutrition) efforts reached over 1,000 students, reinforcing the importance of choosing foods from the USDA’s MyPlate recommendations, focusing on a diet high in fruits and vegetables.