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Credit Workshop

How Does a Lender Determine
Whether to Renew My Line of Credit?

It is just like school—you take the exam and your answers show your financial health.
1. Do you have a balance sheet and an income statement?
2. Do you have enough cash or liquid assets to pay off your short-term debt?
3. Do you have more assets than liabilities?
4. What is your rate of return on farm assets?
Lenders calculate financial ratios from the data on your
balance sheet and income statement to analyze your financial position.
5:30 Meal – Sponsors
6:00 Discussion of the balance sheet, cost or market values, etc., and the ratios calculated from balance sheet data
6:30 Discussion of the income statement, why accrual-adjusted, etc., and ratios calculated from income statement data
7:00 Break
7:15 A lender’s perspective on financial analysis, which ratios are more important
when evaluating a loan application, and other considerations
8:00 The importance of records and an introduction to Quickbooks online and FinPack

Location, Dates, and Registration
There is a registration fee of $10 per person. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.
Programs with fewer than 10 individuals pre-registered will be canceled.
Date County Building

12/11/2017 Dallas Black Belt Research and Extension Ctr.
1/9/2018 Lauderdale Extension Office
1/10/2018 Limestone Tennessee Valley Research and Extension Ctr.
1/15/2018 Escambia Grace Fellowship Church
1/17/2018 Talladega Extension Office
1/18/2018 DeKalb Sand Mountain Research and Extension Ctr.
1/23/2018 Henry Wiregrass Research and Extension Ctr.
1/24/2018 Macon E. V. Smith Research Center
1/30/2018 Chilton Extension Office
2/1/2018 Baldwin Gulf Coast Research and Extension Ctr.
2/13/2018 Coffee 5 County Complex
2/26/2018 Marion Extension Office
2/27/2018 Tuscaloosa Courthouse Annex
The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (Alabama A&M University and Auburn University) is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Everyone is welcome! ANR-2447
For online registration and
additional information, visit