Upcoming Events

Spring will be here soon!


Spring will be here soon and now is the time to plan what produce you may want to plant in your garden. In order to get the most out of your garden space, it’s important to plan what to put in the ground, and also plan how to preserve the bountiful harvest.

Careful planning and careful attention throughout the growing season can provide your family with delicious home grown fruits and vegetables throughout the year.


Citizenship is an Important Part of Youth Development!


Citizenship is an important part of youth development! Our young people have the opportunity to learn how to make an impact within their clubs, as well as in the communities in which they live. These skills, along with the other 4-H programs are preparing these youth to be our leaders…in the 4-H club, the community or beyond. These youth are learning and demonstrating skills that will last a lifetime!

Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)


The Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) helps to build relationships and empower limited resource families toward reductions in government costs spent on health care, increases in physical activity, fewer low-birth weight babies born to mothers through the Today’s Mom program with improved nutrition, and reductions in food storage and food preparation practices that cause foodborne illness.

EFNEP continually provides nutrition education through the Eating Smart and Being Active program and insures that heads of households stretch their food dollars and enhance their family’s well-being and ability to make informed dietary choices.

Choctaw County Extension Offers Educational Programs


Alabama Extension offers row crop farmers information on crop production and risk management through educational programs conducted in the Black Belt region.

A pesticide training will be offered this year to assist farmers, ranchers, catfish producers and forest land owners with obtaining a private applicator permit.

Farm visits are made to assist producers with questions concerning production practices and pest management.

On-farm tests are conducted in the Black Belt region to give producers another tool in their management decisions.

Leadership Choctaw

Choctaw County is currently hosting its tenth class of Leadership Choctaw with 23 participants in the current class.

The mission of Leadership Choctaw is to recruit, to prepare, and to nurture existing and potential leadership through an exchange of viewpoints, information and resources to positively influence community development in Choctaw County.

The program consists of 8 educational sessions including: Orientation-Team Building, Education, History and Cultural Arts, Leadership Development, Social Services and Healthcare, State Government, Business and Industry, and Graduation.