Upcoming Events

4-H Bake Off Competition Coming in January

Choctaw County 4-H clubs will be participating in the annual Bake-Off competition in January.  Contest rules and guidelines are shown below.  Please bring your entries to your scheduled 4-H club meeting in January.  If you have any questions or need additional information about the contest, call 4-H Foundation Agent, David Perry  at 205-459-2133.  img_9756

It’s Heifer Show Time

It’s time for the 4-H Beef Heifer Project.  4-H would like to offer an opportunity for youth to learn about beef cattle on the farm.  We will have an informational meeting to help you get started and to answer any questions you may have.  We will also have a showmanship clinic to prepare youth for the show.  The show will be in conjunction with our annual 4-H Pig Squeal project.   This project will help youth by teaching them: Cattle management skills, healthy animal production, beef animal care, show cattle presentation, record keeping, and pride in accomplishment. Listed below is the project timeline.


Heifer picSeptember:  Complete beef project registration form by September 23rd.  Make plans to attend project meeting on October 4 @ 5:30 P.M.; County Extension office.

October:  Choose your heifer.  You may use one of your own or from a family member or you may purchase a heifer.  Your choice.  This does not have to be a “show calf”.  The calf needs to be Fall 2015-Spring 2016 born.  Get a halter on the animal this month.

November:  Continue feeding and working with the calf on leading.  Record books!

December:  Showmanship Clinic.  Saturday, December 3.  4R Arena, Tuscaloosa. Time TBA.

January:  Work with your animal.  Beef cattle workshop @ Extension office. TBA.  Show guidelines will be presented to participants.

February:  Prepare for show, February 25.  Fine tune your animal…possible grooming clinic.

To register for this event, come by the Choctaw County Extension Office and complete a registration form.  A $30 registration fee is due at the time of application.  For more information, contact 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent David Perry at 205-459-2133.

Get Down and Dirty with 4-H

Mud Run Logo

AUBURN, Ala. – It’s time to get down and dirty with 4-H at the first mud run hosted by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System 4-H Program. The mud run will take place Aug. 13 at the Stony Lonesome OHV Park, 10075 AL Hwy 69 S., Breman, Alabama. On-site registration will begin a 7:30 a.m. with the race starting at 8:30 a.m. Early registration can be done online at www.alabama4h.com/events.

Chris Becker, an Extension Coordinator for Limestone County, is the coordinator of the event. Becker said that participants are set to have a fun and exciting day ahead of them.

“We are going to have something for all ages and all levels of runners at the mud run. The 5K mud run will be for ages 13 and up. There will also be a 1 mile fun run and mud pit for all ages,” said Becker. “Whether this is a person’s 10th 5K or their first, we want this to be a fun and challenging experience for everyone.”

People who register by Aug. 1 will receive a T-shirt with their $30 registration fee. Those who register from Aug. 2 to Aug.8 will also receive a T-shirt but at an extra fee. No t-shirts will be available the day of the race. Those who register online will have the opportunity to purchase additional t-shirts.

Part of the 4-H pledge states “I pledge my health to better living.” Becker feels that an event like this embodies this part of the pledge.

“An event like the mud run is a great way to support 4-H as well as improving the health of those who participate,” said Becker.

For more information on the Alabama 4-H Mud Run, visit Alabama 4-H online or contact Chris Becker at cmb0034@aces.edu.

By Justin Miller

4-H Chick Chain has begun

The 2016 Choctaw County 4-H Chick Chain project is now underway.  The chicks arrived on Fri. May 6, 2016 and the 4-H’ers are arriving to gather their chicks.  Each 4-H’er will raise their chicks for 20 weeks and the project will conclude with a show and auction on Oct 8 in Marengo Co. For more information about the 4-H Chick Chain Project, contact David Perry with the Choctaw County Extension Office.4-H chick chain

4-H Poultry Project

0384-H youth found a new adventure this summer. It is called the 4-H Chick Chain! Youth in Choctaw County began the 4-H poultry project on May 20th for the 2nd annual program and participation for this project doubled from last year! 4-Hers anticipated the day of arrival and were very excited when delivery day came around. This 4-H project is designed to teach 4-H members recommended management practices for growing and raising chickens. These youth in Choctaw County join 1500 across the state.

This project will help youth develop poultry management skills by learning to produce healthy chickens, develop awareness for business management, and develop record keeping skills. This is a 20 week project that will conclude with the 4-Her carrying 3 out of the 18 birds to a show and auction, which will be held on October 17 in Linden. However, before receiving the baby chicks, parent and youth were required to attend a mandatory meeting to learn the basics of caring for the chicks to have a successful to start to the project. Youth also had the opportunity to visit a nearby poultry company to understand and comprehend the “Big Picture” of the poultry industry and the impact agriculture has across our state.

Citizenship is an Important Part of Youth Development!


Citizenship is an important part of youth development! Our young people have the opportunity to learn how to make an impact within their clubs, as well as in the communities in which they live. These skills, along with the other 4-H programs are preparing these youth to be our leaders…in the 4-H club, the community or beyond. These youth are learning and demonstrating skills that will last a lifetime!