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Still Time to Re-Plant Cotton In Alabama

Some Areas of Central Alabama experienced extremely heavy rainfall, as seen in the graphic below, over this past Saturday night (May 20-21st) and heavy rain... more

Slobber Syndrome in Horses

Slobber syndrome ("slobbers"), or slaframine toxicosis, is a chemical irritation and mycotoxicosis resulting from the consumption of Rhizoctonia species-infected legumes, in which excessive salivation is... more

Drought Preparedness for Horse Owners

Drought conditions pose various healthcare and management challenges for horse owners and managers … Conditions associated with drought such... more

Weed of the Month: Verbena, vervain

The following species of Verbena are present in Alabama, as documented in the Alabama Plant Atlas (Alabama Herbarium Consortium and The University of West Alabama... more

Weed of the Month: Verbena, Vervain

Approximately 80 species of Verbena or Vervain occur in the world, and most species are found in the South …... more

When is it Time to Terminate Your Cover Crop in Alabama?

Dr. Dennis Delaney, Extension Specialist with Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System has some advice on when to terminate cover crops this spring... more

Using Soil Temperature to Determine When Is It Time to Plant Cotton, Soybeans, and Peanuts in Alabama?

Three experts from Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System recently shared some advice on using soil temperature as a guide for planting cotton,... more

Update on Sugarcane Aphid for Forage and Grain Sorghum Producers in Alabama

The sugarcane aphid has become a chronic pest of forage and grain sorghum in Alabama … Best management practices... more

Impact of Planting Date and Seeding Rate on Seedling Populations, Disease Activity, and Yield of Three Peanut Varieties in a Dryland Production System

Seed account for up to 20% of the total variable production costs for peanut … The impact of seeding rate... more

Impact of Velum Total on Pod and Root Damage, Peanut Root-Knot Nematode Juvenile Populations, Leaf Spot, White Mold and Yield of Peanut

The effectiveness of Velum Total alone or in combination with a pegging-time application of Propulse was compared with AgLogic aldicarb 15G for managing peanut root-knot nematode juvenile... more

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