Upcoming Events

4-H Blueberry Day

Join Covington County 4-H on June 20, 2017 for a day of fun with blueberries. We will meet at the U-Pick Blueberry farm on Highway 29 at 8am, where we will pick blueberries. After collecting the blueberries, we will bring them back to the Covington County Extension office, where Bridgette Brannon, our Regional Food Safety and Preservation Agent will show youth how to make their own Blueberry Spice jam (and maybe even an extra treat!).

There will be a limited number of slots for this event, so please call the Extension Office at 334-222-1125 to reserve your slot. We hope to see you there!

Pig Pen and Cackle Club Projects

Are you interested in learning more about chickens or hogs? Covington County 4-H, Pike County 4-H and Crenshaw County 4-H have partnered to bring  you the Cackle Club and the Pig Pen projects! The goal of each of these projects is to encourage youth to learn about the proper ways to care for, feed, house, and maintain livestock. Youth will learn record keeping and business skills, as well as enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.

Boy with show chickens at county fair

Cackle Club is our poultry production project. Participants will receive six female chicks and a show cage for $60. Youth can choose from three varieties of birds: Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, or Plymouth Barred Rock. A mandatory meeting for parents and youth is planned for Monday, April 18 at 6 PM at the Pike County Extension office. This meeting will explain the project in more detail, and give guidelines for the care of the chickens, biosecurity, and introduce youth to the record keeping that will be required as part of the project. Chicks will arrive in early May and youth will raise them throughout the summer and fall. In October, the youth will show off  their work as they compete in the poultry show at the Pike County Fair.

Youth who participate in the Pig Pen will receive up to two young hogs for $75 each. These hogs will be around 40-65 pounds when the project begins, and will grow to be about 250-300 pounds. The mandatory meeting before the Pig Pen project is scheduled for Thursday, April 22 at 6 PM at the Pike County Extension office. Hogs arrive in June, and in October youth will compete in a hog show at the Pike County Fair.

If you are interested in these programs, please contact Mrs. Catherine Rider or Mrs. Katie Lee for more information. You can also call 334-222-1125. The last day to register for both projects is March 17th.

Boy showing chicken to judge at fair

Two girls holding their 4-H Show chickens at fair

Southeastern Alabama Pig Squeal Show and Auction

Are you looking for locally produced, well cared for hogs for the freezer? Do you enjoy seeing youth working with animals and learning to run a business? Would you like to support Alabama’s budding farmers and young entrepreneurs?  Come join us Saturday, May 14, at the Coffee County Farm Complex in New Brockton to do just that! The Southeastern Alabama Pig Squeal Show and Auction will showcase 27 4-H members from Barbour, Coffee, Covington, Dale and Geneva counties who have been working since January, raising market hogs, which will be available to purchase at the auction. There will be processors present at the auction; no person will need to take possession of a live pig. You will be able to arrange further details with the processor you choose. Our youth have worked very hard and we are excited to see their progress. Please come join us in supporting them!

The Hog Show will begin at 10 am, and youth will be judged on their showmanship skills including presentation and control of the animal. The auction will begin at 3 p.m.. The Coffee County Farm Center is located at 1055 McKinnon Street in New Brockton, AL.  For more information, please call the Extension office at 334-222-115, Covington County 4-H Agent, Catherine Estis at 334-343-4246 or Katie Lee, Regional 4-H Foundation Agent for Covington and Crenshaw counties at 334-368-1394.




Happy boy with two pigs
Covington County 4-H’ers with their hogs

Teenager with his hogs Two boys in barn with hogs