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29th Annual Coastal Clean Up

Did you know that the largest garbage dump in the world is almost twice the size of the continental United States and is actually located in the Pacific Ocean? That there is a 7,000 square mile patch of algae bloom called the “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico, where no fish or marine animals can live? These are both the results of too much garbage and waste that makes its way to our oceans, by way of rivers and streams.

Last summer, 4-H members and volunteers picked up more than 600 pounds of garbage from the roadsides in Covington County! It takes 34 empty coke cans, and between 15-40 empty water/soda bottles to make up one pound. That equals roughly 21,000 empty soda/water bottles and cans to make 600 pounds.

In the Coastal Plains River Basin, residents have a unique opportunity to help prevent this trash from getting to the waterways. Covington County 4-H is recruiting volunteers to help us clean up alongside the roads that are close to streams.

Join us on Saturday, Sept. 17 for COASTAL CLEAN UP. We will meet at the recreation area at Open Pond, and clean up the roadsides. We are working with the National Forest Service to pick up trash in the areas that need it most.

For more information, and to sign up, call 222-1125 or email Mrs. Cat at cre0008@auburn.edu

This trash has made its way from the roadside into the pond by our office. Bottles, plastic bags, and other waste can cause severe problems for the ducks, fish, bugs, turtles, and amphibians that inhabit our ponds.  When the trash gets into rivers and streams, it floats into the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the trash is plastic, which many creatures mistake as a food source. More than one million seabirds, 300,000 dolphins and porpoises, and 100,000 marine mammals die from pollution each year.

IMG_20160824_101830 IMG_20160824_101940 Trash in water Trash in water

Southeastern Alabama Pig Squeal Show and Auction

Are you looking for locally produced, well cared for hogs for the freezer? Do you enjoy seeing youth working with animals and learning to run a business? Would you like to support Alabama’s budding farmers and young entrepreneurs?  Come join us Saturday, May 14, at the Coffee County Farm Complex in New Brockton to do just that! The Southeastern Alabama Pig Squeal Show and Auction will showcase 27 4-H members from Barbour, Coffee, Covington, Dale and Geneva counties who have been working since January, raising market hogs, which will be available to purchase at the auction. There will be processors present at the auction; no person will need to take possession of a live pig. You will be able to arrange further details with the processor you choose. Our youth have worked very hard and we are excited to see their progress. Please come join us in supporting them!

The Hog Show will begin at 10 am, and youth will be judged on their showmanship skills including presentation and control of the animal. The auction will begin at 3 p.m.. The Coffee County Farm Center is located at 1055 McKinnon Street in New Brockton, AL.  For more information, please call the Extension office at 334-222-115, Covington County 4-H Agent, Catherine Estis at 334-343-4246 or Katie Lee, Regional 4-H Foundation Agent for Covington and Crenshaw counties at 334-368-1394.




Happy boy with two pigs
Covington County 4-H’ers with their hogs

Teenager with his hogs Two boys in barn with hogs