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Registration Open for 4-H Summer Camp

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Welcome to 4-H Summer Camp!
As a 4-H Summer Camper, you’ll be encouraged to make new friends and renew old friendships. You will have the opportunity to try new things and you will be challenged to be the best you can be! 4-H Summer Camp strives to instill the values of Head, Heart, Hands and Health through belonging, independence, generosity, and mastery in the lives of all who come to camp.

Camp Events
Each day campers will enjoy a different series of activities, all designed to help them make new friends, work together, and build relationships. A few of this year’s activities include the following:
-Flag Ceremonies
-Campfire Welcome
-Pirate Deck Party
-Sports Night

Water Adventures
Some of the most memorable activities include adventures in and on the water.  With a full-sized pool and Lay Lake at their disposal, campers can splash into summer with the following favorites:
-Paddle Boards

Sports & Outdoors
From swinging and shooting to racing and roping, there’s always something active to do at camp. An ever-expanding list of sports-related pastimes keep our campers on the move:
-Climbing Wall
-Giant Swing
-Amazing Race

Exploration Awaits!
History, science, art, and design —all this and more can be found at 4-H Summer Camp. If your interest lies in exploring new ways to learn and be creative, we’ve got activities just for you:
-Alabama the Great!
-Arts & Crafts

Alabama 4-H Summer Camp Includes the Following:
-For ages 9 to 14
-June 14-16, 2017 (3 days/2 nights session)
-Comfortable lodging
-Fun-filled learning opportunities

Contact the Crenshaw County Extension office for more information.  You can also learn more by contacting, 4-H Foundation Agent, Katie Lee.
Download the Crenshaw County Summer Camp Brochure
Check out our 4-H Summer Camp Video

Counselor-in-Training Program [ For ages 15 to 17 ]:
These youth must have a referral from their county Extension office, must have interviewed for a CIT position and been selected, and must have attended CIT training.
Applications are due January 9, 2017.
Application Instructions

All 4-H Summer Camp counselors are first aid/CPR certified, are ARC lifeguard certified, have undergone background checks, and completed counselor training. Adult chaperones are Alabama Extension staff and volunteer leaders. All have undergone background checks and completed 4-H overnight chaperone training.

Find the Right 4-H Club to Fit Your Interests

Volunteer helping child in garden

Crenshaw county 4-H has numerous types of clubs. These clubs are available throughout the county. We offer clubs through all Crenshaw county schools.

4-H focuses on youth development and education through various hands-on activities and events. Becoming a 4-H member allows youth to participate in a variety of opportunities that may not have been previously available.

Animal Science clubs range from horse to beef to poultry and swine. Youth can learn about sustainability, forestry and wildlife and outdoor recreation in Natural Resource clubs. A large portion of 4-H is creating young leaders, members can learn about career exploration, citizenship and leadership in the Leadership and Citizenship clubs.

There are many ways to find a 4-H club in your county, if you are not already a member. Parents can go to the Alabama 4-H website and select Crenshaw county to find available clubs and join online. If you don’t have access to a computer or the website, you can contact the Crenshaw county Extension office for assistance.
For more information, contact Katie Lee, 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent, or visit the Alabama 4-H website at www.Alabama4H.com, where you can find upcoming events throughout the state, register for 4-H and look at all the clubs 4-H has to offer.

Article by:  Maggie Barlow

Fall is 4-H Re-enrollment and Recruitment Season

4-H club meeting with flags

Now that the new school year is underway, it’s time to kick off 4-H re-enrollment and recruitment season.

Alabama 4-H reached 138,675 youth during the 2014-2015 club year. While membership is open all year, most re-enrollment and recruitment drives take place the first three months of the school year. Alabama 4-H Foundation agents conduct programs and activities in every county.

4-H Has Something for Everyone
“Fall is always exciting for 4-H, as we seek to enroll new members and adult volunteers for our clubs across the state. Whether youth between the ages of 9 and 18 live in a city, suburb or rural area, there’s something for them in 4-H,” said Dr. Molly Gregg, Alabama Extension assistant director for 4-H. “Alabama 4-H also is a place where youth can have fun and learn the skills they will need to be college and career ready.”

In 2015-2016, youth participated in community clubs, special interest clubs, in-school and after-school clubs. 4-H members and participants also are engaged in day camps, overnight camps, military youth camps, school enrichment programming and a host of other community-based events and activities.

“4-H is a great way for youth to meet other young people, learn from others, share what they know and expand their horizons,” Gregg added. “Our staff works with schools to provide 4-H educational materials that support Alabama’s State Department of Education’s Plan 20/20 for teachers and volunteers to use in classes. These programs supplement the school curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to “learn-by-doing” within one of the 16 state-defined career clusters.

4-H Leadership Opportunities
Youth enrolled in 4-H can take part in a wide variety of activities offered by the community, county and state. These include workshops, achievement programs, camps, tours, competitive events, exhibits, fairs, statewide conferences and national events such as National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference. National 4-H Congress focuses on leadership, work skill preparation and community service.

Family commitment in 4-H is flexible. There are community-based projects and clubs that are short term and some that last weeks, months and all year long.

Volunteers Important to 4-H
Parents’ role in 4-H is important too. Besides providing support for their own 4-H’ers, parents serving as 4-H adult leaders provide valuable learning experiences for youth. Alabama 4-H is always looking for volunteers to share their passions and talents with young people.

“Alabama 4-H has thousands of volunteers giving their time to address the needs and interest of Alabama’s young people. More than 1,300 volunteers work directly with youth. Others provide essential services to help the 4-H program operate so that more youth are reached and 4-H impact is greater.” Gregg said.

To join or re-enroll in Alabama 4-H. Go to www.alabama4h.com/join.

For more information on 4-H in Crenshaw county, contact 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent, Katie Lee.

Article by: Donna Reynolds

2016 4-H Classroom in the Forest

youth learning in field

The 4th grade classes from all four schools in Crenshaw county were able to attend Classroom in the Forest this year at Mr. Barnett King’s Treasure Forest. They learned about animals through the Skins-n-Skulls, which allows 4-H’ers to touch actual animal pelts native to Alabama as well as skulls from those same animals.  Other activities included a prescribed burn, tree identification, flag a tree, and a visit from a tracking dog with the Department of Conservation & Game and Fish.

For more information on Classroom in the Forest or the 4-H program in Crenshaw county, please contact Katie Lee or the Crenshaw County Extension office.