Ethnic Food Security Network Newsletter Spring 2014

It appears spring is here, the cold and snowy winter is behind us. It is time to start focusing on forage and vegetable production this spring into summer, and marketing vegetables, goats, and sheep all the way into fall. I assume you have submitted and received soil test results from the soil sample you sent off in January or February. And you have already begun sewing clover and crabgrass seed for spring and summer grazing. If you have not done either it is not too late. By now your kids and lambs that were born in December should be weaned or almost weaned and at market weight or almost there. Market prices for goats and sheep have varied these past few months. Prices for goats have been up compared to the past few years, prices for sheep have been very lackluster as of the end of March into April. At Extension we have been busy planning events for late spring into summer. This newsletter will share a variety of relevant information.

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