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Cullman County has tremendous natural resources


Cullman County has tremendous natural resources as part of the beautiful and diverse Cumberland Plateau.  The Cumberland Plateau physiographic section is the most southerly part of the Appalachian Plateaus province of the Appalachian Highlands Region.   Cullman lies in the Warrior Basin region of the Cumberland Plateau.  The Black Warrior system has two different flow patterns. Its eastern tributaries, the Mulberry and Locust forks, rise between Cullman and Guntersville and flow southwest in a trellis pattern consisting of long, relatively straight stream segments with smaller short tributaries joining at right angles. The northern tributary, the Sipsey Fork, flows in a very distinctive rectangular pattern.  West of the city of Cullman all waters flow into the Sipsey Fork and feeds beautiful Lewis Smith Lake.

natresources3Lewis Smith Lake, is one of 11 premier bass fishing lakes located on the Alabama Bass Trail. The lake is both a beautiful natural resource and an attraction for tourism and residential development.

Just outside of the city of Cullman is Hurricane Creek Park a 67 acre natural area. The compact park is nestled in a 500 foot deep canyon in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and illustrates well the geographic diversity found throughout the county.

Proper land, soil and water management will continue to provide opportunities for recreation, agriculture, controlled growth and long term sustainability.