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Cullman County is the Number One Agriculture Producing County in the State


Cullman County is the number one agriculture producing county in the state. The total production of forest and agricultural products totaled $948.6 million in 2010. Cullman ranks first in broiler production, cattle production, dairy cattle and milk production. Cullman also ranked second in vegetable and melon farming. Cullman County’s agricultural, forestry, and related industries generated 15,555 full- and part-time jobs, representing 39.9 percent of the county’s total workforce (38,939 jobs). The total impact of agriculture, forestry, and related industries was $2.4 billion, which was 50.0 percent of the county’s total economic activity ($4.8 billion). The indirect business taxes impact was $65.5 million, 40.2 percent of the county’s total indirect business taxes.

For more information on the economic impact of agriculture and forestry to Cullman County and the rest of Alabama contact Tony Glover, or visit http://www.aces.edu/impact/ag/