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Family and Consumer Science and Youth Programs


Health is more than the absent of disease – it is the state of complete physical, mental & social well-being. It is with this goal in mind that there is a diversity of programming in the Family and Health area.

Food Safety programming is one program that offers the opportunity for people to become certified in ServSafe a Food Safety Certification Course to enable them to work in restaurants and other food service areas. Home canning and preservation classes are also offered – these classes offer attendees the opportunity to save money and be in control of the food they provide their families. Cottage Law Food Safety Class and certification class helps entrepreneurs be aware the opportunities and dangers involved in selling your non-hazardous food items like baked goods and jams and jellies prepared at home.

Money management is critical in today’s economy and programming offered in this area provides attendees the opportunity to look at their spending in a new way. Annie’s Project is a program to give women in agriculture the opportunity to come together and learn about various issues of farming in 2015.

Families are important and programming in dealing with child development issues is offered. There are also classes on parenting, including the roles of a divorced parent with the KidsCope classes.

Nutrition and health programming includes series programs with youth and adults. Color Me Healthy a program for pre-schoolers has been recently brought into the county with great results. Eat Healthy Be Active is another series program in the county with attendees learning about food labeling, exercise, and making healthier choices. A new diabetes education – DEEP – Diabetes Empowerment Education Program will be offered soon.

Keeping people aware of the ways in which Family and Health intersect with other areas within the ACES is also part of our programming. We are involved in the Cullman Farmers Market in promoting healthy eating by buying local through your farmers market. We educate farmers on how grow their produce with less food safety risks, and handling it safety at farmers markets. We are involved in youth programming through 4-H and other youth programs in the state such as Junior Master Gardener. We are active in local health initiatives from various coalitions, to the CDC funded ALPROHEALTH program.