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Bullying's Longterm Effects

Researchers have been studying bullying and its effects over many years … One of scientists’ main concerns has been whether... more

Seven Reasons to be Prepared for Disaster

Have you prepared yourself and your family for disasters, natural or otherwise … If you haven't, what's holding you... more

It's Never Too Late to Give

This is not a request for money … Rather, it's a reminder that we can give our families the... more

Electric Air!

I love this time of year … There’s an electric quality to the air and the feeling of new beginnings... more

Help with Student Loan Debt

Consumer Science and Personal Financial Management … To ensure that Americans can afford their student loan payments, the Health Care... more

Emergencies are Inconvenient

Emergencies are never convenient; most often they seem to occur at the most inopportune times … For example, early one morning (1:30... more

Humid + Muggy = Humugity

Every time I've stepped outdoors the last few days, I imagined that I stepped into a room in which someone was pouring water on hot rocks... more

​What do movies teach us about bullying?

Issues of bullying are portrayed and discussed in all types of media today, including music, movies, television shows, and literature …... more


STOPit, which was made available in January 2014, comes preloaded with tools to anonymously report harassment to school officials, help friends in need, access 24/7 helplines or... more

Smart Phone App to Help Parents Talk to their Children about Bullying

Parents can have a hard time knowing how to start conversations with their children about bullying … With the... more

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