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2015 4-H FLMP Chick Chain Show and Auction

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, there was a new show in Fayette!  Fayette, Lamar, Marion and Pickens Counties started a program in February called Chick Chain.   The 4-H Chick Chain project is designed to teach 4-H members recommended management practices for growing and raising chickens.  Each youth participating paid $30-$35 (dependent on the breeds they chose) and in May received 13 chicks that were 1-2 days old and were all pullets (females). They received 3 breeds of chickens that were selected from a pre-designated breed group of 4 different breeds. The chicks came from a reputable hatchery and were all properly vaccinated. The participants took care of these pullets for approximately 21 weeks and kept a detailed record book related to their project.  Each participant was trained on bio-security measures and a home visit was conducted by either Ronni Rena Brasher, 4-H Foundation REA for Fayette/Marion Counties or Carla Lewis, 4-H Foundation REA for Lamar/Pickens Counties.  On October 24, the youth brought their 3 best pullets (of one breed) to the 4-H Chick-Chain Show and Sale. For those who brought their pullets to the show and sale, they will receive their deposit money back and ribbons for Showmanship and Breed Classes. If they successfully raised all pullets, they have some left that belong to them for egg production or meat harvesting.

Judges for the Showmanship and Breed Class were Mississippi State University Students Twain Womack, Senior in Poultry Production Systems; Marcus Hill, Senior in Poultry Science; and Dana Dittoe, Senior in Poultry Science.  The 4-H Chick Chain Youth Participants; parents; spectators; bidders; program sponsors; MSU Judges Twain Womack, Marcus Hill, Dana Dittoe; Auctioneer Rusty Jones; Alabama Cooperative Extension Director, Dr. Gary Lemme; Fayette County CEC, Warren Griffith; Marion County CEC, Lisa Murphy; Pickens County CEC, Patti Presley-Fuller; ACES Animal Science REA, Alex Tigue; 4-H Foundation REA’s Ronni Rena Brasher, Carla Lewis, Rebecca Danley; and Fayette County Administrative Associate, Sherry Kelley; worked hard to make our first Chick Chain Show and Auction a huge success.   A special thanks goes to Rebecca Danley, Marion County 4-H Foundation REA who was hired in August for the great pictures.

FLMP Showmanship Winners were:

Junior Class 1             chick chain 2015 658
1st Place          Connor Duren           Pickens County
2nd Place         Addison Hanratty      Lamar County
3rd Place         Alaina Jones               Pickens County
3rd Place         Mason Wright            Pickens County

Junior Class 2chick chain 2015 666
1st Place          Briley Newman          Pickens County
2nd Place         Jeremy Smith             Fayette County
3rd Place         Kinsley Shirley           Pickens County

Intermediatechick chain 2015 672
1st Place          Abigail Crosby           Lamar County
2nd Place         Preston Gregory       Pickens County

Seniorchick chain 2015 681
1st Place          Jordan Byars             Marion County
2nd Place         Tyler Knight               Fayette County
3rd Place         Lyndi Shaw                Fayette County

Top Fundraiser Award

Reese Hennicke         Marion  County

FLMP Breed Class Winners were:

Ameraucanachick chain 2015 686
1st Place          Preston Gregory       Pickens County
2nd Place         Erika Wolfe                Lamar County

Buff Orpingtonchick chain 2015 695
1st Place          Briley Newman          Pickens County
2nd Place         T. J. Smith                   Fayette County
3rd Place         Kinsley Shirley           Pickens County

Black Astralorpchick chain 2015 700
1st Place          Alaina Jones               Pickens County
2nd Place         Bradley Holifield       Fayette County
3rd Place         Trevor Byrd              Marion County

Barred Rockchick chain 2015 709
1st Place          Mason Wright            Pickens County
2nd Place         Connor Duren           Pickens County
3rd Place         Ty Junkin                    Pickens County

Grand Champion Pen
Briley Newman          Buff Orpington          Pickens County

Reserve Champion Pen
Alaina Jones               Black Australorp       Pickens County

chick chain 2015 715


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