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4-H Adult and Youth Advisory Meeting – March 28

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Fayette County 4-H Adult Advisory


On March 28, 2017 the Fayette County 4-H Adult Advisory Committee along with the youth leadership council met to discuss upcoming events and the future direction of 4-H in Fayette County. At the meeting teams of adults and youth discussed questions based on the development of a five year strategic plan for 4-H. Each group discussed the following questions:

  1. What does Alabama 4-H do best?
  2. What could Alabama 4-H do better?
  3. What new programs do you wish 4-H would offer?
  4. What groups do you belong to other than 4-H?
  5. What keeps you from doing more in 4-H?
  6. Why do you think more of your friends have not joined?

Answers were compiled and shared with other 4-H Foundation Agents as well as the state 4-H staff from Auburn in order to continue developing programs that makes the best better!

At the meeting the councils also discussed the upcoming 4-H State Archery meet held in Fayette and the Fayette County Multipurpose Complex on Saturday, April 22nd. The youth and adult council will open a concession stand for participants and supporters during the event as a fundraiser for Fayette County 4-H. April 26-May 7, participants will also work the Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign. Tractor Supply donates a portion of the paper clovers sold to local county programs.

For more information on the youth or adult advisory councils, Fayette County 4-H programming or contests and events please contact the Fayette County Extension Office at 205-932-8941