Under Attack From Feral Hogs



Fayette County, like many other areas in Alabama, is under attack from an explosive population of feral hogs. The Extension Office, in partnership with the Soil and Water Conservation District and Tombigbee RC&D, held a feral hog program in 2011 and will hold another program on June 16, 2015. Experts on feral hogs provide education and training on control methods and prevention of hog populations. Hog trap gates are given away at these events. Participants use the gates to build traps on their property and participate in follow-up surveys on the program.

Plasticulture Gardening


The Fayette County Extension Office, in cooperation with the Soil and Water Conservation District and RC&D, purchased a bedding machine for use in plasticulture gardening. Demonstration gardens were planted in 2014 and 2015 with programs held to demonstrate the process and results to local producers for truck farming and the Fayette Farmer’s Market. The bedding machine can be used free by anyone in Fayette County who is interested in putting in a plasticulture garden.

High School Students Interested in Careers in the Medical Field


Ronni Rena Brasher, 4-H Foundation Agent for Fayette County, works with the University of Alabama Rural Health Scholars program for high school students interested in careers in the medical field. She also serves on the Children’s Policy Council for Fayette County and is a member of the Fayette Medical Center Foundation Board which directs fund raising efforts for special projects.

Fayette County Multipurpose Complex


The Fayette County Multipurpose Complex Board of Directors and the Fayette County Commission have worked hard to develop and expand the Complex Arena in order to offer better facilities to more diverse groups. Warren Griffith, Fayette CEC, currently serves as the chairman of the Fayette County Multipurpose Complex Board of Directors.

Farming in Fayette County


Farming in Fayette County encompasses a very broad landscape, including livestock (poultry, cattle, horses, goats, etc.) as well as a diverse range of row crops including corn, cotton, soybeans, peanuts, wheat and grain sorghum. Fayette County also has producers who grow fruits and vegetables for sale at the Farmer’s Market located at the Extension Office.

4-H Youth Science Day


stomp rockets
Fun with stomp rocket
Stomp rocket made with pvc pipe and soda bottle
Stomp rocket made with pvc pipe and soda bottle
Hula Hoop fun
Hula Hoop fun
Lunch provided by Fayette Tractor Supply - camp sponsor
Lunch provided by Fayette Tractor Supply – camp sponsor

4-H youth enjoyed a fun-filled day at the 2014 National 4-H Youth Science day camp at the Fayette Tractor Supply store. For more information about 4-H Science and Technology programs, contact the Fayette County Extension Office.