“For Art Sake!” Fayette County 4-H Summer Day Camp

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On June 8, 2017 8 Fayette County 4-H members attended the “For Art’s Sake!” summer day camp. Participants received art instruction including geometric shape design, general painting techniques, color blending and shadowing techniques taught by 4-H Agent Assistant Wanda McDaniel. Campers also learned to make salt paintings using glue, salt and water color paints.

Fayette County 4-H has two remaining summer camps left, Let’s Do Breakfast and Food, Fun and Fitness. Call the Fayette County Extension Office at 205-932-8941 for more information.

Fayette County 4-H Summer Camp

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Fayette County 4-H Summer Camp

June 12 -14, 2017, 29 Fayette County 4-H participants attended 4-H Summer Camp in Columbiana, Alabama. Campers spent 2 days and 2 nights working through challenges, team building activities and conquering fears participating in activities such as canoeing, paddle boarding, high ropes challenges the giant swing and rock wall, swimming, pirate deck parties and scavenger hunts. 4-H campers day 2

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Fayette County 4-H Campers

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4-H Adult and Youth Advisory Meeting – March 28

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Fayette County 4-H Adult Advisory


On March 28, 2017 the Fayette County 4-H Adult Advisory Committee along with the youth leadership council met to discuss upcoming events and the future direction of 4-H in Fayette County. At the meeting teams of adults and youth discussed questions based on the development of a five year strategic plan for 4-H. Each group discussed the following questions:

  1. What does Alabama 4-H do best?
  2. What could Alabama 4-H do better?
  3. What new programs do you wish 4-H would offer?
  4. What groups do you belong to other than 4-H?
  5. What keeps you from doing more in 4-H?
  6. Why do you think more of your friends have not joined?

Answers were compiled and shared with other 4-H Foundation Agents as well as the state 4-H staff from Auburn in order to continue developing programs that makes the best better!

At the meeting the councils also discussed the upcoming 4-H State Archery meet held in Fayette and the Fayette County Multipurpose Complex on Saturday, April 22nd. The youth and adult council will open a concession stand for participants and supporters during the event as a fundraiser for Fayette County 4-H. April 26-May 7, participants will also work the Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign. Tractor Supply donates a portion of the paper clovers sold to local county programs.

For more information on the youth or adult advisory councils, Fayette County 4-H programming or contests and events please contact the Fayette County Extension Office at 205-932-8941

Fayette County 4-H Youth Council

Youth Council
Fayette County 4-H Youth Council

Fayette County 4-H Youth Council

The Fayette County 4-H Youth Council is a committee appointed by the County 4-H Team or through expressing an interest in leadership opportunities. Students, ages 10-18, from throughout the county serve as community 4-H leaders to develop citizenship and leadership skills, serve as local 4-H ambassadors, function as youth advisers and promote 4-H programming among their peers.

For more information call the Fayette County Extension Office at 205-932-8941.

Fayette County 4-H County Competitions

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4-H Competitive Events Descriptions

All enrolled Fayette County 4-H members are encouraged to participate in county competitive events. Projects will be picked up from the students respective schools on April 25th by 8:00 Am or dropped off at the Fayette County Extension Office by 10:00 AM. All active competitions such as Chef 4-H & Baked Foods, Speaking Contests, and Freestyle Demonstration will take place at the Fayette County Extension Office on Friday, April 28th from 8-12 AM.

For more Information and rules check our web site at:


THE $15 CHALLENGE- Individual

Do you enjoy shopping? Do you look for great buys? You take $15 dollars and buy an outfit that covers the whole body. This could be a top and bottom or a one piece like a dress. Receipts are required, but can be handwritten from a garage sale. Accessories and shoes are not part of the $15. Be prepared to model your outfit for judges.

ALABAMA QUILTERS – Individual or Team of 2

Quilting is a great traditional art form, but it is also very popular and current.  Please see the web site because Jr. and Sr. competitions have different requirements.

BAKED FOODS – Individuals- Jr. ONLY

Show off your baking skills by baking a cake, from scratch. Use a theme and decorate an area 24″ x 24″. Bring a copy of your recipe along with plates and forks for tasting. You will be judged on taste, overall appearance, and following the recipe. Example of themes: chocolate cake surrounded by Hershey bars, apple cake with slices apples, Alabama, Auburn, Easter, Christmas, Hunting, the list goes on and on. – This competition is for Junior 4-H’ers only.

BLOCKS ROCKS – Individual or Team of 2

Do you like to make things with Lego blocks or other building blocks? It’s a great way to learn about construction, engineering and architecture. Be creative with the blocks. Size: No larger than 18″ x 18″ x 18″

CHEF 4-H – Individual

Do you like to cook? Have you ever imagined that you were a famous chef? You stand in front of an audience of millions, using your knowledge and creativity to prepare wonderful and amazing dishes. Chef 4-H is your chance to do that – – at least on an introductory level! Your primary ingredient must be a grain, a vegetable, a fruit, milk or a meat. You will prepare the dish before the judges, discuss it and offer it for tasting. Supply a finished dish if it will take more than 10 minutes to prepare. Bring copies of your recipe, along with plates and forks for tasting. Jr and Intermediate time limit for presentation is 5-10 minutes. Seniors Levels I and II time limit for presentation is 8-10 minutes.


Are you a creative spirit? If you are this is the contest for you. Have fun creating anything you like by using any material you like such as-paint, yarn, beads, ceramic, wire, clay, pencil, canvas, wood, glass, metal, scrap paper and more. Be creative and make art an expression of your personality. – This competition is for Junior 4-H’ers only.

EXTREME BIRDHOUSE – Individual or Team of 2

Your challenge is to construct the absolute coolest birdhouse possible. It does not have to be a real birdhouse. It can be made with any material. There is no right or wrong way to design this project. The focus is all about the art and architecture. It must be an original design, NO KITS. Size: No larger than 18″ x 18″ x 18″

FREESTYLE DEMONSTRATION – Individual or Team of 2

Do you know how to do something really well? How about writing text messages—fast? Yoga or Pilates? Leather work? Grooming your pet? Cup stacking? Showing your sense of style? Freestyle demonstration allows you to show off your skills, talents and hobbies. You can sing, dance, draw, paint, anything you enjoy doing. This is about teaching us how you do it. Demonstration is limited to 5-10 minutes. Set-up time is no more than 5 minutes, which is not included in demonstration time.


What do “bling bling”, a barbeque cookbook, a potato cannon, a hunter’s tree stand and a knitted afghan all have in common? They are examples of thing you can create as your Freestyle 4-H Showcase entry. No entries are alike, because no two 4-H’ers are alike. You think differently, have different interests, and want to achieve different things.

HAVE I GOT A STORY – Individual or Team of 2

Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions. It is a way to pass on history and to help us understand our world.  Just as importantly, storytelling fulfills our need to entertain and to be entertained. Demonstrate your ability to speak before an audience and share your thoughts and feelings while entertaining others. No notes allowed. Speech times for Jr. individual entries are 2-4 minutes and 4-6 minutes for team entries. Senior speeches should be 8-10 minutes for individual entries and 10-12 minutes for teams.


How can you help your friends be healthier, smarter, and live better lives? How about building your own Healthy Living Exhibit? Your knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and health can make a real difference! Exhibits must fit on a table 3 feet long and 3 feet deep. Your exhibit may not be taller than 36 inches.

INTERIOR DESIGN- Individual or Team of 2

Wherever you live- country or city; a house, apartment, or mobile home; there are things to learn and do to make your home more enjoyable. Interior Design is a great way to learn about design, color, texture, and space. It will help you make your personal space a fun and comfortable place to be, and a space that you are proud to show off. Design a room of your choice- examples might be a bedroom, office, den, or bathroom. Use your imagination and be creative! You have a $7,000.00 budget. See our website for more details on this fun project.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Individual

Photography is a great hobby. It helps you express yourself because it is an art form. There are two separate events. Photos must be made in the current 4-H year.


Please read guidelines. Your display may be disqualified for not following guidelines.

Photos can be in color, black and white or sepia. Prints must be 5×7 or larger, but no larger than 18″ x 18″. Photos must be mounted flat on a plain white or black poster board or foam board. Your name, age and school must be on the back of the board.


Do you like to change digital pictures using your computer? Altering photos can be a lot of fun! You can turn a sunflower into the sun or your little sister can catch a bass the size of an SUV. Rules are the same as “THE WORLD I SEE”.


Would you like to become a better speaker? Do you enjoy speaking in front of a group? This is the contest for you. There are two categories in this contest.


Your speech topic will be geared toward persuading your audience to see your point of view.


This speech is about the facts. How did baseball begin? Do you know someone with autism? What is it? Give us the facts.

Speech times for the Jr. Competition is 3-5 minutes and Sr. competition is 5-8 minutes

WHAT WOOD YOU BUILD? – Individual or Team of 2

Projects for Juniors and Seniors vary from year to year. For information on the project for the current year, please contact the County Extension Office or talk with your 4-H Foundation Agent or Agent Assistant.

* If you are interested in any of these competitions please go to the website http://www.aces.edu/4-H-youth/AL4-H/resources/other/competitive/index.php for a complete description of all the events.  For more information, please call 205-932-8941 or email CLL0031@aces.edu or wam0015@aces.edu.

ServSafe Certification Class

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE FOR THIS CLASS HAS CHANGED:  A ServSafe Certification class will be held at the Fayette County Extension Office on February 13 and 16, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. each day (was previously scheduled for Feb. 14 and 15).  This class is designed for food service managers and employees.  It educates participants on food hazards and appropriate food handling practices.  This program is accepted by local, state, and federal health departments. Advance registration is required.  The cost for the class is $125.00 payable by money order or certified check only.  Cash and personal checks are NOT accepted.  For more information or to register for the class, please call the Fayette County Extension Office at 205-932-8941.

Scale Back Alabama Kicks Off 2017 Contest

weight loss

The Fayette County Extension Office will be serving as a weigh-in site for the state’s largest weight-loss and exercise program, Scale Back Alabama. In its 11th year, the program has resulted in millions of pounds lost and lots of healthy habits formed, and the 2017 contest starts this week.

Adults in teams of two can go online at www.scalebackalabama.com to register for the free, 8-week program and then go to the Fayette County Extension Office to weigh in on Friday, January 13, 2017 from 12-4 pm or Tuesday, January 17, 2017 from 8 am-4 pm. All participants must be 18 years of age and older, live or work in Alabama and must weigh in at an official site to be eligible to participate. Those who lose at least 10 pounds will be included in the cash prize drawings on April 5.

Dieting is never fun by yourself; Scale Back Alabama offers a fun way to team up with another individual, get healthy, and have a chance at a $1000 cash prize.

Scale Back Alabama is a collaboration of the Alabama Hospital Association, the Alabama Department of Public Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.

For more information, call the Fayette County Extension Office at (205)932-8941 or visit www.scalebackalabama.com.

Fayette County 4-H Chick Project

Chick in grass

What is it?  By participating you will purchase 10 pullets (female chicks) and raise them following bio security best practices. 4-H participants will keep records, participate in a home visit and have the opportunity to bring a hen to the Poultry Exhibition at the Fayette County Fair in October 2017.

The 4-H Chick Project teaches young people recommended management practices for growing and raising chickens. Participation will help you do the following develop poultry management skills, learn to produce healthy chickens, develop awareness of business management,  develop record-keeping skills (income and expenses), contribute to your home food supply, realize the pride of accomplishment.

Signing Up:

When: February 20-23, 2017 from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (closed for lunch from 12-12:30)

Where: Fayette County Extension Office (650 McConnell Loop)

Cost: $35 Non-Refundable

Space is limited to the first 15 paid participants.

Contact: Carla Lewis (4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent) at 205-932-8941 or 205-712-7449 for more information.

DROUGHT MEETING – Monday, December 12, 2016 6:00 p.m.


Topics presented during the drought meeting will cover cattle feeding programs, program assistance available, hay and forage inventory, agronomic impacts, post drought planning, herd inventory recommendations and meteorological outlook.  Brian Peters, a television meteorologist at ABC3340 in Birmingham and a retired NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist will be one of the main speakers. He handles the weekend Weather Xtreme Videos and forecast discussion and is the Webmaster for the popular WeatherBrains podcast.

For more information or to register for the program, please call (205) 932-8941.

Location: Fayette Co. Extension Office

Fayette County 4-H Summer Cooking Day Camps

kids cooking

Tuesday, June 28th

“Let’s Do Breakfast”

Have fun while creating a variety of breakfast foods!
Space is limited to the first 15 to register
Register by June 22nd

Thursday, July 7th

“All About Dairy”

Learn about where dairy products come from, and get hands-on experience
creating a meal and snacks with an essential part of good nutrition, milk!
9 AM- 2 PM
Space is limited to the first 15 to register
Register by July 1st

Tuesday, July 12th

“From Garden to Plate”

From digging to canning, this day camp will give you the opportunity
to plant, pickle, preserve and taste your own food.
9 AM- 2 PM
Space is limited to the first 15 to register
Register by July 7th 


**To register for any of the above day camps, contact the Fayette County Extension Office at 205-932-8941. Special thanks to the Fayette Community Foundation for the grant funding that allows these camps to be offered at no charge.**