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Reality Check 2017

financial management, Reality Check, youth learn about spending and saving moneyOn March 31, 2017,  Fayette County 11th graders visited Bevill State Community College and participated in the ACES sponsored Reality Check program. Reality Check is a financial simulation that allows participants to simulate financial management scenarios. 4-H agents, CECs, and school counselors visited with students and prepared them for the program by exploring careers, college and career outlooks, and salary options. After researching career pathway options,  students are given real life scenarios consisting of being a 25 year old adult with entry level positions in the workforce. Students move through the simulation role-playing various scenarios such as being married and having families.  They proceed through 14 stations, nine are mandatory and five are optional. Some of the stations students visit include a supermarket, daycare, insurance for home,  car ownership, home mortgage or rent, utilities, second jobs and just-for-fun. The students must use ledgers to track all their spending.Through the activity students learn personal financial management as well as:

  • A hands-on, real-life simulation that gives youth the opportunity to glance into the future in a fun and exciting way.
  • Understand gross and net pay
  • Learn what it takes to pay monthly living expenses
  • Learn to balance financial obligations
  • Learn to comparison shop

The Fayette County Extension Office would like to thank all of our community partners and volunteers who ran the stations and Bevill State Community College for hosting the event. For more information you can contact the Fayette County Extension Office at 205-932-8307.

Reality Check, financial management simulation, volunteers
Reality Check volunteers hosting the Realville Jobs booth.