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4-H Football Day at Auburn University


4-H Football Day at Auburn University is September 29, 2018. Game time to be announced later, but since it is HOMECOMING, it should not be a night game.


What’s the cost?

  •  For 4-H’ers and 4-H Volunteers and resource volunteers) who are active in 4HOnline, it’s just $10 which covers the game ticket and a tee-shirt.
  •  For all other guests (meaning kids or adults who aren’t 4-H’ers or volunteers), it’s just $40 which covers a $10 registration fee plus $30 for the game ticket. If you have any questions about your status as a 4-H’er or volunteer, contact your county’s 4-H office listed below.

How do you register?

  • Registration is now open in 4HOnline and limited to the first 500 paid participants, state-wide. Registration closes Tuesday, September 18 at 4:45 p.m. (Go to www.alabama4h.com and click on Join to register or to enroll if needed).

How do you get to the game? What about parking?

  •  If we have at least 25 folks from our area who register and want to ride to Auburn as a county, we will get a school bus and charge about $15 to ride. Otherwise, you will need to drive to Auburn and park yourself.
  •  If you drive yourself, plan on going up early to find a parking spot on campus or park off-campus and ride the free public transit buses onto campus. Shuttle buses run 4 hours prior to kick-off until 2 hours after the game ends. Shuttle buses drop off and pick up on War Eagle Way by the stadium. Off-Campus Shuttle Stops: Duck Samford Park, City of Auburn Softball Complex, Auburn Mall and Tigertown.
  •  The Auburn Football Gameday Parking Website explains parking.
  • Check-in will take place on campus, on the front lawn of Duncan Hall, which is State 4-H headquarters. This is where you will get your tickets and tee-shirts.


  • Contact your 4-H office for more information.

Houston County (334-794-4108); Henry County (334-585-6416)