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4-H Football Day at Auburn University


4-H Football Day at Auburn University is September 29, 2018. Game time to be announced later, but since it is HOMECOMING, it should not be a night game.


What’s the cost?

  •  For 4-H’ers and 4-H Volunteers and resource volunteers) who are active in 4HOnline, it’s just $10 which covers the game ticket and a tee-shirt.
  •  For all other guests (meaning kids or adults who aren’t 4-H’ers or volunteers), it’s just $40 which covers a $10 registration fee plus $30 for the game ticket. If you have any questions about your status as a 4-H’er or volunteer, contact your county’s 4-H office listed below.

How do you register?

  • Registration is now open in 4HOnline and limited to the first 500 paid participants, state-wide. Registration closes Tuesday, September 18 at 4:45 p.m. (Go to www.alabama4h.com and click on Join to register or to enroll if needed).

How do you get to the game? What about parking?

  •  If we have at least 25 folks from our area who register and want to ride to Auburn as a county, we will get a school bus and charge about $15 to ride. Otherwise, you will need to drive to Auburn and park yourself.
  •  If you drive yourself, plan on going up early to find a parking spot on campus or park off-campus and ride the free public transit buses onto campus. Shuttle buses run 4 hours prior to kick-off until 2 hours after the game ends. Shuttle buses drop off and pick up on War Eagle Way by the stadium. Off-Campus Shuttle Stops: Duck Samford Park, City of Auburn Softball Complex, Auburn Mall and Tigertown.
  •  The Auburn Football Gameday Parking Website explains parking.
  • Check-in will take place on campus, on the front lawn of Duncan Hall, which is State 4-H headquarters. This is where you will get your tickets and tee-shirts.


  • Contact your 4-H office for more information.

Houston County (334-794-4108); Henry County (334-585-6416)




2018 Henry County Pod Blast Schedule

Peanut season is just around the corner and now is the time to check your peanuts to determine optimum maturity date. Digging your peanuts at the right time is and will be the most important decision you will make this season. This one management tool can make you 300-500 pounds more peanuts and 3-5 points on your grade putting more money on your bottom line this fall.

2018 Henry County Pod Blast Schedule- WREC, Headland AL

September 4 (Tuesday) 8-10 AM                                                             October 2 (Tuesday) 8-12 Noon

September 7 (Friday) 8-12 Noon                                                              October 5 (Friday) 8-12 Noon

September 11 (Tuesday) 8-12 Noon                                                         October 9 (Tuesday) 8-12 Noon

September 14 (Friday) 8-12 Noon                                                            October 12 (Friday) 8-12 Noon

September 18 (Tuesday) 8-12 Noon                                                         October 16 (Tuesday) 8-12 Noon

September 21 (Friday) 8-12 Noon                                                             October 18 (Thursday) 8-12 Noon

September 25 (Tuesday) 8-12 Noon                                                         October 23 (Tuesday) 8-12 Noon

September 28 (Friday) 8-12 Noon                                                            October 26 (Friday) 8-12 Noon

                                                                                                                          October 30 (Tuesday) 8-12 Noon


All other times are by appointment only by calling the Henry County Extension Office at 334-58