Programs Offered

The following components are individual programs, which operate under the umbrella of Hope Place. Each of these programs can stand alone in service delivery and integrity:

Parents as Teachers

A parent home visitation program serving high-risk families in Escambia County. These families are provided with a 1-hour visit monthly for 5 years to support and teach parenting skills based on child development. The curriculums used are Parents as Teachers, Building Strong Families, and Principles of Parenting. This program has been in existence since 1990. For more information on PAT visit:

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are provided weekly at Hope Place, these classes are open to anyone. Many participants are court ordered or referred by DHR. Various agencies contract the services of Hope Place to provide parenting classes for specific groups they are addressing. These classes have been extremely beneficial to families and agencies that are struggling to provide specific focused services. Certified trainers

The series is designed for use as separate workshop sessions for parents with children 0 – four. The extensive video series published by Alabama Public Television (APT) and narrated by Drs. Craig and Sharon Ramey provides stimulating and current child development information which enables parents to nurture children in appropriate developmental areas. Certified trainers

The Parent Project

A comprehensive, award-winning model for high-risk families. This highly innovative program has been successfully incorporated in law enforcement, school, and community-based prevention and intervention programs nationwide. It is designed for today’s parent and post-modern teenager. The course gives solutions to parents of destructive adolescents while helping teens explore positive alternatives. The class meets for ten weeks with adults in Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior and teenagers (11-19) in a separate class Choosing Success… Choosing Life.Both are activity based. Visit:

The Learning Center

The Learning Center is an after-school-tutoring program, which assists approximately 75 children daily three to five afternoons a week with a staff of 15 tutors. During these sessions children work on homework assignments, skill building, prepare for tests, and life skills enrichment. This project has met with overwhelming success and participation. Started in October of 1999, the Learning Center has operated in Atmore at Escambia County Middle School and in Brewton at Brewton Elementary and Middle Schools, and Baptist Hill Baptist Church. Two sites are currently in operation, Brewton Elementary, and Brewton Middle Schools.

The Workshop

Job Readiness, job training, post-employment, and job coaching are provided for individuals seeking employment. This program provides hands on experience in conjunction with classroom experience to stimulate and direct participants toward an enriching work experience. The Workshop provides an array of services to accompany this program and help complete the total integration of employment for individuals.

Family Development Credential (FDC)

The Family Development Credential is an educational training component which was created to offer strength-based family support training through collaboration, credentialing, distance learning, and education. This professional development credential for family support workers is taught by certified trainers and credentialed through the University of Alabama. It provides professionals with innovative techniques to enhance service delivery. Classes are provided by two certified trainers.

Childcare Provider Training

Conducting childcare provider classes strengthens the direct services and care to the children of Escambia County. To remain a licensed childcare provider each child care worker must have 20 classroom hours of instruction per year. Hope Place serves as outreach and service delivery in this area of expertise. Certified trainers

Together We Can

Relationship Education for married & non-married parents

Hope Place is participating in the Alabama Healthy Marriage Relationship Education  Initiative conducted through AUBURN UNIVERSITY which focuses on family and marriage training as a constructive tool to strengthening parenting skills. Dr. Francesca Adler-Baeder conducts the 5 years, 8.5 million dollars, multi faceted project, which is having a great impact on Alabama’s high divorce rate and drastically low child well-being indicator ranking. Progress is charted through research data and services provided. Certified trainers This curriculum is part of the Alabama Healthy Marriage Relationship Education Initiative. Visit:

Smart Steps

Training for Adults and Children of Step Families

Smart Steps is a research-based program developed through collaboration between Cornell Cooperative Extension in Jefferson County, NY and the Stepfamily Association of America. The program provides a comprehensive educational base that recognizes the complexities and the interdependent nature of relationships within stepfamilies. This 12-hour program is designed to be offered as six two-hour sessions held once a week for parents and children ages 6-14 living in stepfamilies. Separate sessions are held concurrently with participants coming together the last 20 minutes of each session for a family activity/discussion. Certified trainers visit:

This curriculum is part of the Alabama Healthy Marriage Relationship Education Initiative. Visit:

Relationship Smarts

Relationship and marriage education for teens

Relationship Smarts is designed to prepare teenage students to reach for their dreams concerning marriage and family life. Instructors provide students with critical current data, explore expectations, discuss values, and develop skills that will help them in the years to come while making wise choices about relationships. These modules of instruction will assist students to be better prepared in developing strong and happy marriages and families in their adult lives. This curriculum is part of the Alabama Healthy Marriage Relationship Education Initiative. Visit:

P.I.C.K. a Partner

How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk(ette)

P.I.C.K. presents a practical and easy-to-understand overview of crucial areas to explore in the dating relationship. The model of adult attachment provides an overarching structure for understanding how to pace the growing closeness in premarital relationships while exploring the strongest, premarital predictors of post-marital attitudes, behaviors, and satisfaction. This curriculum is part of the Alabama Healthy Marriage Relationship Education Initiative. Visit: