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Charitable Donations Are Option for Produce Growers

AUBURN, Ala. – Farmer’s markets, roadside stands and grocery stores are traditional ways producers sell and promote their products. While these ways are great outlets,... more

EPA Approves Section 18 Exemption for Control of Sugarcane Aphid on Sweet Sorghum

On June 12, the EPA granted an exemption for the use of flupyradifurone (Sivanto Prime) insecticide for use on Alabama sweet sorghum for the... more

Cotton PGR Management in High Rainfall

The 2017 growing season is thus far a decidedly wet one … Rainfall throughout the state was a welcome... more

Stored Grain Workshops Scheduled in July

A series of workshops in Alabama will provide farmers with practical advice for managing stored grain pests … The... more

AWW Celebrates 25 Years of Loving Our Downstream Neighbors!

Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … On May 19-20th, volunteers and supporters of Alabama Water Watch gathered at... more

What do I do when I've burned down my weeds but its been too wet to plant?

With all of the rain that we have gotten lately, many people had already burned down their fields but then were unable to plant... more

Still Time to Re-Plant Cotton In Alabama

Some Areas of Central Alabama experienced extremely heavy rainfall, as seen in the graphic below, over this past Saturday night (May 20-21st) and heavy rain... more

King Snakes, and Other Native Alabama Snakes Around the Home

Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … Over the last week, I have received a couple of calls about... more


Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management … With springtime's warm weather, you're not the only thing wanting to dig... more

Slobber Syndrome in Horses

Slobber syndrome ("slobbers"), or slaframine toxicosis, is a chemical irritation and mycotoxicosis resulting from the consumption of Rhizoctonia species-infected legumes, in which excessive salivation is... more
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Jerry Smith
County Extension Coordinator
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281 Columbus Ave.
Vernon, AL 35592-0567
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 567
Vernon, AL 35592-0567
Phone: (205) 695-7139
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