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About Lamar County

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About Lamar County

This rural county was founded in 1867 as Jones County. Five years later, it was changed to Sanford County and finally in 1882 was changed to Lamar County. The county was created by splitting Fayette County into two counties. Seventy-eight percent of the land in Lamar County is covered by forest.

The population is made up of 85 percent whites, 14 percent black and 1 percent hispanic. There are seven educational outlets in the county. The majority of the population has at least a 10th grade education.

Forestry is the major agricultural crop in the county, but beef cattle are also grown. Timber and timber products are major industries in the county. Hunting and fishing are major tourist attractions.

The Lamar County Extension Office has two Extension agents and one part-time employee. There are about 175 volunteers who help with Extension programs. Major programs include forestry education and youth development. More than 765 youth are involved in 4-H programs in the county.

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Jerry Smith
County Extension Coordinator
Office Address:
281 Columbus Ave.
Vernon, AL 35592-0567
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 567
Vernon, AL 35592-0567
Phone: (205) 695-7139
Fax: (205) 695-0439

Local Contacts

Photo of Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith
County Extension Coordinator
Photo of Cindy Foster
Cindy Foster
Administrative Support Associate II-ACES/AAES
Photo of Mac Washington
Mac Washington
TES Administrative Support Re