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Annual 4-H Heifer Show

Join us on October 24 in the barn of the Lauderdale County Extension office for the annual 4-H Heifer Show, sponsored in part by the Lauderdale County Cattlemen’s Association.

Tuesday, October 24

3:00 – 4:30 pm check-in

5:00 pm cake auction

5:30 pm Cattlemen’s supper

6:30 pm show starts


The Lauderdale County 4-H Heifer Show is presented in partnership with the Lauderdale Cattlemen’s Association, and is managed and administered by the Lauderdale County Extension System and the Lauderdale County 4-H Program.

Entry Form

General Show Information

  1. Entries are open to youth ages 9-18 that are enrolled members of 4-H in Lauderdale County. Youth in NW AL whose home county does not offer a beef project are invited to participate.
    1. A member’s 4-H age is determined by their age on January 1st of the program year. The Alabama 4-H program year runs from August 1st through July 31st.
    2. For the 2017-2018 program year, a member’s 4-H age is his or her age on January 1, 2018.
  2. Each participant must own the heifer(s) they enter. The animal(s) must be under the direct care of the participant. Original registration certificates must be presented at check-in to verify ownership and tattoos.
  3. Effective January 1, 2013, the Alabama State Veterinarian began requiring that all animals exhibited at Livestock Shows and related events must comply with the Alabama Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) Rule. All cattle that are to be shown must have one of the following methods of official ID appropriately placed in the ear:
    1. An official EID (an electronic identification) ear tag purchased from an approved animal identification number (AIN) manager or distributor.
    2. The Original Brucellosis silver metal ear tag (available from the State Veterinarian’s Office).
    3. An orange Official Calfhood Vaccination (OCV) ear tag, placed in the ear when the heifer receives her OCV.
  4. To be eligible to compete for premiums, all animals must be halter broke and well groomed. Cattle that are wild and are not in credible condition will be ruled out. All animals will be exhibited at the owner’s own risk.
  5. All animals must be shown in their natural conformation without alteration or modification, except for the grooming of hair and trimming of hooves.
    1. False tailheads/false switches will not be permitted.
    2. Any surgical procedure, injection, ingestion, or application of any substance which could affect the animal’s performance or alter the natural contour, conformation, or appearance is prohibited.
    3. Cattle must be shown clean and dry.
    4. The youth showman should be seen actively participating in the grooming process on show day.
  6. Each exhibitor may show a maximum of four (4) animals.
  7. The owner must show their own animal(s) in all classes. It is allowable to ask another 4-H member to show a heifer in breeding and commercial classes when the owner has multiple entries in the class. Adults are not permitted in the ring.
  8. Nurse cows will not be allowed to accompany entries at the show.
  9. All exhibitors are expected to dress professionally when exhibiting animals.
  10. The Alabama Cooperative Extension, Alabama 4-H, and the Lauderdale County 4-H staff have the final authority regarding the rules for and facilitation of the Lauderdale County 4-H Heifer show, including but not limited to the enforcement of show rules, the age-eligibility of 4-H youth, the eligibility of livestock, and the show divisions and classes.


  1. Classes will be divided by age using the Alabama 4-H age guidelines: Junior (9-11), Intermediate (12-13), Senior I (14-15), and Senior II (16-18).
  2. Each exhibitor must show his or her own animal in his or her showmanship class. By virtue of this rule, each heifer will only enter the show ring once in the showmanship division (with the exception of the non-owners classes).
  3. Two Non-owners Classes will be offered for 4-H members that do not own a show heifer.
    1. An educational Showmanship Clinic for youth ages 5-8 in which the class will not be placed and the livestock will be led primarily by the owner. This is an educational opportunity only.
    2. A Non-owners Showmanship Class for youth ages 9-18. Participants may show another 4-H member’s heifer at their own risk and with the consent of the animal owner. Recognition for the Non-owners Class will be a placement ribbon and/or other non-cash awards.


  1. All breeds and crossbreeds are eligible. Class breaks will be determined after the registration process is complete. Heifers are eligible for only one breed show.
    1. Registered heifers will be shown by breed.
    2. Commercial heifers will be shown by weight. Commercial heifers are defined as unregistered heifers or heifers whose tattoo ownership does not match the registration papers.
  2. For the breed classes (registered heifers), heifers must be born between September 1, 2015, and April 30, 2017. Breed classes will be divided by age after check-in using these general guidelines but to divide into as equal a number per class as possible with a reasonable range within each class:
  3. Junior Heifer Calves: March 1 – April 30, 2017.
  4. Junior Heifer Calves: January 1 – February 28, 2017.
  5. Early Senior Heifer Calves: November 1 – December 31, 2016.
  6. Late Senior Heifer Calves: September 1 – October 31, 2016.
  7. Summer Yearling Heifers: May-August 31, 2016.
  8. Late Junior Yearling Heifers: March 1 – April 30, 2016.
  9. Early Junior Yearling Heifers: January 1 – February 28, 2016.
  10. Senior Yearling Heifers: September 1 – December 31, 2015.
  11. For the commercial classes, classes will be divided by weight after check-in to divide into as equal a number per class as possible with a reasonable range within each class.
  12. A Grand and Reserve Champion will be selected in each breed class and commercial class. An Overall Grand and Reserve Champion will be selected from those Grand and Reserves.

Entry Fee and Awards

There is a $25 entry fee per head. All awards will come directly from the show entry fees and a cake auction held at the show.

Important Dates

  1. September 15, 5p – registration deadline, entry fees due
  2. October 23, 4p – show set-up at the 4-H Barn
  3. October 24 – Lauderdale County 4-H Heifer Show

Information about other livestock shows will be added below as it comes in to the 4-H office:

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Junior Beef Expo (validation & registration due November 1): JrBeefExpo.com

Junior Master Gardener Club

Boy holding basket of vegetables

Explore the fun of growing your own food! The Junior Master Gardener (JMG) Club will do hands-on projects and activities to learn about garden plants, flowers, insects, the environment, leadership, and life skills. We will also plant, maintain, and harvest two raised garden beds in the Florence/Lauderdale Community Garden.


Upcoming Dates:

July 26, 9AM-12PM


For more information on JMG or Lauderdale County 4-H, please contact Lauren Barber.