Upcoming Events

NW Alabama 4-H Pig Squeal Show & Auction

On Saturday April 30, 2016, beginning at 10:00 AM, 4-Hers will bring one of their pigs to the 2nd Annual NW AL 4-H Pig Squeal Show and Auction at the North Alabama State Fairgrounds.  Youth from across six northwest Alabama counties have participated in the 2016 Northwest Alabama Pig Squeal Project. At the Pig Squeal Show and Auction, youth will be displaying their projects which they have worked hard with since early January.

The 4-Her’s have participated and have been trained on how to properly care for, groom, and show their pig. At this show, participants will be judged in several classes and have the opportunity to win prizes on how they compete in the show.  There will be a Showmanship Champion and a Market Class Champion at this show.

At the end of the show you will have an opportunity to purchase one or more of these market-ready hogs to go in your freezer. Processors will be on site at the auction to take possession of your pig, for your convenience. You will have the opportunity to negotiate with these processors on how you would like to have these pigs processed.

We encourage you to help us to spread the word about this project and about this event. We need many buyers at the auction ready and willing to purchase their one of more of these market-ready hogs.  Please come out and support your local 4-Hers!