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Pasture to Rail Program Continues in Alabama



Pasture to Rail, a beef improvement program, continues in Alabama with a June shipment to a feedlot in Kansas.

The Pasture to Rail program allows consigners to receive animal performance and carcass data for each calf consigned.

The Pasture to Rail program is a retained ownership program that allows Alabama beef producers the opportunity to send calves to a feedlot to be fed until finished. After slaughter the carcass will be graded and the consignor will be provided carcass data. Consignors will receive payment once the calves have been harvested. Carcasses that grade well may receive a premium.

Carcass data is an important selection tool that will allow for the genetic improvement of a beef cattle herd.

The process to have your calves be in a Pasture to Rail shipment:

  1. Contact an ACES Livestock and Forages Regional Extension Agent
  2. Be ready to consign up to 3 steers or heifers for a $75/head consignment

Because of the 21 day sign up ACES can not accept more calves for the June shipment. But if a beef producer is interested in consigning calves to future shipments contact Alex Tigue (Regional Extension Agent in Livestock & Forages). To contact Alex call 256-309-9496 or email him at dat0002@aces.edu

Link to Pasture to Rail Rules