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ACES Supports Head Start’s Fall Extravaganza!

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Lowndes County Offices supported the Fall Extravaganza held by the Lowndes County Board of Education’s Head Start Program on Saturday, October 20,2018. The event was held at the Russell Baseball Field from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


“We enjoyed sharing information with parents about the many programs that our Regional Extension Agents teach our Lowndes County Head Start students. Our Agents are trained in areas of health, nutrition, anti-bullying lessons, and conflict resolution”, said Tana Shealey, County Extension Coordinator for Lowndes County.

During the event, Shealey talked with parents who have youth preparing to enter the job market.

“We want to make sure that our teens have information about such things as selecting the correct  attire for job interviews, the proper demeanor of a job candidate, and that they learn what information to include on a resume”, Shealey stated. Shealey and teenagers who attended the program participated in mock interviews to give high school seniors an idea of what they might experience during a job interview.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has several regional agents specializing in workforce development who are available to offer training with school and civic groups about job readiness.

For more information, call the Lowndes County Extension Office at 334.548.2315.