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Rite Bite Classes Set for Hayneville Senior Center

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System is partnering with the Hayneville Senior Center offering free classes to residents hoping to learn how to prepare foods that complement living with diabetes and hypertension.

Regional Extension Agent Christina Levert shares information about healthy food choices during Rite Bite program at the Hayneville Senior Center.    

Regional Extension Agent Christina Levert, whose area of study is human nutrition, diet, and health, will share  some simple and economical ways to prepare healthy home cooked meals and snacks.

Classes will be taught, at no cost to attendees, on July 16th, July 23rd, July 30th and August 6th.  Classes will last for about an hour beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Click here for a printable flyer Right Bite Flyer 2018 Hayneville.

Levert usually prepares a healthy treat for participants to sample, and she gives participants copies of healthy recipes to try at home.

“The Right Bite Diabetes Classes show people affected by diabetes how to enjoy healthy food while controlling their diabetes. It provides excellent information that will help anyone preparing food to better control diabetes, high blood pressure or any other chronic disease. It is also great information for anyone wanting to learn more about healthier eating,” Levert said.

Levert sets the classes up in a way that makes it easy for seniors to learn and have fun. “Each class will cover a different topic. Topics include portion control, choosing fats, label reading and choosing carbohydrates,” Levert said.

For more information about the Rite Bite program, please contact the Lowndes County Extension office at 334.548.2315.