Systems 360 Program: Beef Producers

What is the Systems 360 Program?


  • A group of beef producers who meet periodically to discuss success stories with beef systems related to forages, nutrition, water, herd health, animal management, and economics.
  • Hands-On Education – Producers will have the opportunity to “get their hands dirty” by participating in demonstrations related to land and animal management in beef operations.
  • On-Farm Learning – We have all heard the saying “Seeing is believing”. In this program, we plan to visit producer farms, Auburn research units, and industry partners to view and discuss management strategies in practice.
  • Group Defines Future Times/Locations – Groups will meet periodically over a series of five meetings at various locations to discuss the topics listed above.

How Do I Sign Up? 

Contact Your Local Extension Agent  for Information on How to Enroll this Fall РDeadline August 15, 2018

Visit the link here for contact information:

Systems 360 Program РFall 2018 Locations 


http://Auburn Beef Producers Program