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2017 Marion County 4-H Pet Show

4-H Pet Show

Marion County 4-H Pet Show

When? October 14th, 2017 Starting at 9:00AM-Until

Where? Tractor Supply Company Store 1500 Military St S #1, Hamilton, AL 35570

View Photos from the 2016  Event: https://www.facebook.com/pg/marioncountyal4h/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1618442285116035

Flyer: http://offices.aces.edu/marion/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2017/08/2017-4-H-Pet-Show-Flyer.pdf



_____ Costume Contest


_____Smallest (adult, no puppies)


_____ Costume Contest


_____Smallest (adult, no kittens)


_____ Costume Contest


_____Smallest (adult)


_____Best Color

_____Most Vocal



_____Best Color

_____Most Unusual


_____Most Unusual

_____Most Like Owner

_____Costume Contest


Marion County 4-H Pet Show RULES

1. All pets MUST be in cages or restrained on a leash.

2. Youth CAN bring up to 3 pets.

3. Youth/animal MUST sign in upon arrival. Any youth ages 9-18 are welcome to participate. Show up before 9:00am to register.

4. Check the website/social media pages or call the Extension Office for location and times of the event.

5. No wildlife or farm animal of any kind will be permitted on site.

6. All animals must be healthy and show no signs of sickness or disease.

7. No aggressive behavior will be tolerated. If your animal cannot be controlled you will be asked to leave.

8. Each pet entry will be evaluated based upon how close the pet meets the subcategory standards.

9. All judges’ decisions are final.

10. All participants MUST be prepared to talk to the judges about their pets.

11. There must be a minimum of two entries per class in a division OR the class will be cancelled.

12. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Marion County 4-H, and Hamilton Tractor Supply Company Store will not be held responsible for any accident or loss that may occur to any animal, person, or vehicle, nor damage to any property.

13. In case of rain or inclement weather the show will be held at the Hamilton Recreation Center Pavilion across from the Marion County Courthouse Annex where the Extension office is located.
Call or Email the 4-H Agent is you have any questions (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT: Marion County Humane Society

Marion County 4-H is partnering with the Marion County Humane Society for this year’s 4-H Community Service Project. Please consider helping this worthy organization by bringing some of the items from the list below or provide monetary donations to this organization. If you can’t give items you can always give of your time. Contact the Marion County Humane Society to see how you can help today! (205) 924-3648  or mchsteammember@gmail.com Marion County 4-H will have bins set up at the 4-H Pet Show scheduled for October 14th ready to take your items to the Humane Society.  The 4-H Agent will also bring a list of items to each 4-H in-school meeting to help collect items for the Humane Society.

Items you can Donate to help:

Collars, Harnesses, Puppy Food, Kitten Food, Kitty Litter, Cedar Shavings, Dog Toys, Cat Toys, Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Crate Liners, Dog/Cat beds, Treats, Dog Houses-used or new, and Monetary gifts are always welcome to help purchase pet medications and needed supplies.


**Check our website (www.aces.edu) Facebook , Instagram, or Twitter Pages to stay up to date on all Marion County 4-H News and Events. Call/email your 4-H Agent with any questions: Mrs. Danley (205)921-3551 or  rgd0007@aces.edu

October 4-H Newsletter

 4-H Youth Council Members from our October Youth Council Meeting

Check out the October 4-H Newsletter to see what’s coming up for Marion County 4-H’ers: http://offices.aces.edu/marion/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2017/10/October-2017-4-H-Newsletter.pdf

Contact the Marion County Extension Office (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu for questions.

September 4-H Newsletter

Check out the September 4-H Newsletter to see what’s coming up for Marion County 4-H’ers: http://offices.aces.edu/marion/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2017/09/September-2017-4-H-Newsletter.pdf

Contact the Marion County Extension Office (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu for questions.

4-H Archery-Hamilton Park & Recreation

WHEN? Every Tuesday and Thursday Starting August 29th-October 5th

TIME? Ages 9-13 will meet 5:30pm-6:30pm

Ages 14-18 will meet 6:30pm-7:30pm

WHERE? Hamilton Recreation Center Gym – 317 7th Ave SW Hamilton, AL 35570

COST? $25 per participant (Space is limited and spots will be filled on a first come, first PAID basis.) Please make Checks/Money Orders Payable to: Hamilton Park and Recreation You may register at the Hamilton Park and Recreation Center OR Marion County Extension Office

AGE? Open to all youth Ages 9-18

WHAT TO BRING? Hamilton Parks & Rec and Marion County 4-H will provide all needed supplies. There are vending machines at the Recreation Center for snacks/drinks.

For more information call or email the Marion County Extension Office Open Mon.-Fri. 7:30am-4:00pm  (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu OR Call the Hamilton Parks and Recreation Center (205) 921-4371

Download Registration Forms: http://offices.aces.edu/marion/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2017/07/Archery-Forms.pdf


Marion County 4-H Summer Day Camps

WHEN? July 24th-25th (Youth MUST Register/Pay by Thursday 20th by 3:30pm)

TIME? 9:00am-3:00pm

WHERE? Winfield Community Center (344 Colony Street Winfield, AL 35594)

COST? $20 (Cost includes lunch, drink, and supplies) Space is limited and spots will be filled on a first come, first PAID basis. Please make Checks/Money Orders Payable to: Alabama 4-H Foundation You may register at the Extension Office OR Habitat for Humanity Office.

AGE? Open to all youth in Marion County Ages 9-16

WHAT TO BRING? Marion County 4-H will provide all needed supplies and lunch/drink will be provided each day. Youth may bring extra snacks/drinks if needed.

CAMP DETAILS: Youth will learn about Community Service and Philanthropy during the morning sessions, eat lunch, and then participate in 4-H activities in the afternoon. Activities include but are not limited to: Tie Dye, Crafts, Yoga, Pound Fitness Workout using drum sticks by Anytime Fitness, and cooking.

For more information call or email the Marion County Extension Office Open Mon.-Fri. 7:30am-4:00pm   (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu

Please fill out a Registration Form (download form or you can fill out a form at the Extension Office)                                                                                                             

Questions? Call or email the 4-H Agent, Rebecca Danley (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu Marion County Extension Office Address: 372 7th Avenue SW Hamitlon, AL 35570 Open Monday-Friday 7:30am-12:00pm and 12:30pm-4:00pm




4-H RiverKids August 4th-5th!



WHO: Any Marion County youth ages 9-18 as of 1/16/17 are eligible to participate. (Youth MUST know how to swim to participate/sign up)

WHAT: This program provides the chance for youth to experience Marion County’s abundant water resources while acquiring paddling skills, learning about water safety, and enjoying outdoor recreation.

WHEN: August 4th-5th: Friday, August 4th 9:00am-12:00pm (Upper Bear Creek Reservoir-Twin Park) Saturday, August 5th 9:00am-11:30pm (Float down Bear Creek Canoe Run) Paddling instruction and water safety will be taught before water entry.

WHERE: Specific Float location details will be disclosed at time of registration. Youth must complete all forms and payment by Tuesday, August 1st, in order to participate.

COST: $5 per child-includes instruction, paddling equipment, PFD (personal flotation device), kayak, paddle, snacks, and BCDA permit. Make checks/money order payable to: Alabama 4-H Foundation

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Limit of 10 youth spots are available. They will be filled on a first PAID-first served basis. ($5 even if you bring your own equipment to help cover the costs of lunch/snacks)

REQUIRED FORMS: Completed forms must be filled out by a parent/guardian and returned to the Marion County Extension Office by Tuesday, August 1st. Download Forms: http://offices.aces.edu/marion/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2017/05/RiverKids-Form.pdf

SUGGESTED ATTIRE:  Hat, Sunglasses, Bathing Suit underneath quick dry type shorts and shirt, and water Shoes-no flip flops. Bring a dry bag or some type of container for your phone/keys/etc. if you need it!

EQUIPMENT: Marion County 4-H will provide each youth with their own kayak to use, paddle, and PFD (personal flotation devices must be worn at all times on the water-even if you bring your own equipment to use). A shared first aid kit and emergency throw ropes will be used by screened/trained 4-H leaders/volunteers for added safety. If you have your own kayak and paddle feel free to bring it, but please know you can’t participate in RiverKids without wearing a PFD-safety first!

TO REGISTER: ALL Forms and Payment is due to the Marion County Extension Office by Tuesday, August 1st, by 3:30pm. Address: 372 7th Avenue SW Hamilton, AL 35570 (across the street from the Hamilton Recreation Center)

QUESTIONS: Contact the 4-H Agent Rebecca Danley (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu                                                                             

4-H Shotgun Club

            Marion County 4-H Shotgun Club Meeting      

When: Saturday, June 3rd 1:30pm-3:30pm

Where: The City ‘s Field beside DHR in Hamilton (760 Industrial Drive, Hamilton, AL 35570)                                                                                                           

Ages: 9-18 (Youth ages 9-15 MUST be accompanied by an adult)

Cost:  Free

REQUIRED Forms: (MUST be filled out by a parent/guardian in order to participate)

1.  Completed Youth Consent Form

2. Completed Shooting Sports Liability Form

3. Provide Copy of Insurance Card

(Required Forms can be filled out and turned in ahead of time or copies of forms will be available at the event location-make sure you bring a copy of your insurance card. Forms can also be emailed to the 4-H Agent ahead of time or dropped off at the Marion County Extension Office)

What To Bring:                                                                                                                          

-You must provide your own firearm. Anything from a .410 gauge up to 12 gauge.

-You must supply your own ammunition. Anything from 6 shot up to 9 shot. Preferably 7.5-8 shot.

-Safety glasses and ear protection must be worn at all times on the range. If you don’t have them they will be provided for you.

For more information call or email the Marion County 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent, Rebecca Danley (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

2017 Marion County Round-Up

PHOTOS from the 2017 Marion County 4-H Round-Up Event: https://www.facebook.com/pg/marioncountyal4h/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1698085383818391

When? May 16th, 2017 8:00am-1:30pm

Where? Hamilton Recreation Center (317 7th Ave SW Hamilton, AL 35570)

EXAMPLES: http://offices.aces.edu/marion/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2017/03/2017-Marion-County-4-H-Round-Up-information-and-examples.pdf

County Round-Up Event Schedule May 16th, 2017

8:00am – 9:00am           Registration

9:00am – 9:15am            General Assembly/Set up Exhibits

9:15am – 11:30pm          Competitions/Outdoor Games

11:40pm-12:40pm          Lunch

1:00pm – 1:30pm             Awards in the Gymnasium (Parents are welcome to attend)

County Round-Up is a reward for active 4-H members! It’s also a celebration of what 4-Her’s have learned and the skills they have developed throughout the 4-H Year! The Marion County 4-H Round-Up is a great place for each Marion County 4-H member to “show off” their talents. Junior winners are selected in each event and will advance to the Regional Competition in June at Bevill State Community College in Sumiton, AL. Senior winners are selected in each event and will advance to State Competitive Events Day in July at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, AL.

Youth attending 4-H Round-Up MUST compete in at least ONE competition, and may compete in up to TWO competitions. Youth MUST sign up for their County Round-Up Competition with their 4-H Teacher/Sponsor/School Secretary by April 10th (they will have the sign up sheet after your scheduled March 4-H Meeting). Spaces will fill up quickly so register ASAP!

All youth are expected to follow the 4-H Rules found below for their selected competition. Please call or email the Extension Office if you would like the rules printed and delivered to your school (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu. Please click on the name of the competition below to view the rules.

4-H Competition RULES




Click HERE for a Brief Description of Each Competition

Don’t Forget to bring your CAC Community Service items to County Round-Up on May 16th to help DHR! 

Call the Marion County Extension Office or email your 4-H Agent if you have any questions. The Marion County Extension Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. (Closed 12:00-12:30 pm daily for lunch) (205)921-3551 or rgd0007@aces.edu

4-H Music Education Matters Summit

Do you enjoy singing, dancing, playing an instrument, producing music, or even theatre? We have a brand new 4-H offering for youth interested in performing arts! Jennifer Nettles is 4-H alum and was “instrumental” in getting this music camp organized.We have some scholarships available so if you or someone you know that is currently enrolled as a 4-H member (7th-12th grade) is interested please share this scholarship opportunity with them. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 21st! Call or email the 4-H agent with any questions. Please email your scholarship application to your 4-H Agent ASAP! For questions: call (205)921-3551 or email rgd0007@aces.edu

The Scholarship Application Deadline was March 21st, 3:00pm. The scholarship committee will contact the applicant’s 4-H Agent if selected.

When? July 18th-20th

Where? Rock Eagle 4-H Center (Georgia)

Who? Any currently enrolled 4-Her in 7th-12th Grade

Scholarship Application: http://offices.aces.edu/marion/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2017/03/4-H-Music-Summit-Scholarship-Application-Marion.pdf

**Make sure your 4Honline account information is completely filled out before you register for this event/apply for a scholarship! If you are a currently enrolled 4-H member you already have a 4Honline account so don’t create a new profile. Here’s how to access your profile:

Go to this website: https://al.4honline.com/Login.aspx?403D40567A4E676B526E722B75343D

Follow these step by step instructions: http://www.aces.edu/4-H-youth/AL4-H/documents/Re-Enrollingin4HOnline-ForFamilies16-17.pdf

If you don’t receive the scholarship and would still like to register. Please make sure your 4Honline account is fully up to date and then mail your check by MARCH 31st to:

Alabama 4-H

Attn: Angel Holladay

209 Duncan Hall

Auburn University, AL 36849