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2017-18 High School 4-H Clubs

Marshall County 4-H is excited to pilot a new way for high school members to remain involved in 4-H! Schools are encouraged to inform the Extension Office as soon as possible which Option will work best for them and their students!

Marshall County 4-H is piloting a new format for the 2017-18 school year where requested. Please see the following options and inform us what will work best for you, your students, and both of your schedules.

Option A: Traditional

Traditional clubs will meet once per month, at the school, with a business meeting, educational program and 1-2 contests per month. 4-H Agent will conduct each meeting.

Option B: Virtual

Virtual clubs will meet once per month, at the school, at any time available to the 4-H club leader and their students. Club leaders will receive an email at the beginning of the month with a video from the Extension Office along with links to any pertinent information for that month. 1-2 contests per month; due to 4-H Club leader.

Option C: Blended

Blended clubs will receive all contest rules and guidelines for the entire year at September club meeting. Students work at their own pace with contest projects. Extension Agent will come to classroom once monthly for updated business and upcoming events.

teacher standing in front of high school students in their desksContact Information:

Kristen Roberson (256) 558-2198; kkroberson@aces.edu
Audrey Jones (256) 582-2009; adjones@aces.edu

Please call the Extension Office at (256) 582-2009 for any questions or inquiries.