Upcoming Events

Food Safety and Preservation


Food Safety and Quality Regional Extension Agent Janice Hall conducts a variety of programs throughout the county relating to food safety and preservation. (Photo was taken at a food preservation workshop held in Perry county.)

A brief listing of programs include:

  • ServSafe – food safety certification for all food permit holders
  • Cottage Food Law Food Safety Training – required Farmer’s Market Food Safety for Farmers
  • Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)
  • General Food Safety for Consumers (power point and games)
  • Food Safety When Cooking for Large Groups
  • Food Preservation Workshop
  • Cake Decorating Classes (must charge fee to cover cost of food and supplies)
  • Food Allergens Awareness and Prevention
  • Food/Cooking Demonstration Classes (must charge fee to cover cost of food)
  • Food Safety for Senior Citizens
  • Exhibits for Health Fairs and Events
  • Cooking with You Pressure Cooker – hearty meals in minute
  • Couponing Class

For more information on this or other related topics, contact information, or a calendar of our upcoming classes and events, please visit the Perry County Extension office’s Family & Health page.